• I just found out how to fix these broken looking info boxes for food items, that only show 1 of the pictures (raw/cooked).

    It seems that these Infoboxes need a very specific File structure to work.

    First: The Pictures have to not only match the name in the Infobox source, they also have to Match the PAGE name (so for the Mussels we have to rename the Page as well als the Image to Mussel for the Mussel image to work.

    Second: There HAS to be a page for BOTH items (raw/cooked) - it is enough though if one of the pages contains all information and the other one is just a redirect page to the original one (check out Coconut and Cooked Coconut for an example).

    I hope you can follow this as it is quite easy if you know it, but i never thought of all these until i tried to fix the coconut page :)


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    • You're right, it works! Thanks for the info!

      Mussels needed a rename anyway since strings.lua call them just Mussel.

      Fixed Limpets page aswell!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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