• Hello Cryfor, I noticed you've been adding a lot of photos of in-game sprites, you definitely have my permission to replace the screenshot that I added with the in-game sprite for a Seashell. I'm sorry, I am new to this Wiki and didn't realize all the ins and outs of file uploads. I will be more careful in the future. Thank you! Mayor Megan (talk) 06:14, December 5, 2015 (UTC)

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    • You are welcome! I'm quite new to the wiki as well, but i finally figured out how the image structure works and what sizes the icons have to be etc. so yeah I will be going on replacing "ingame" shots with ingame shots with transparent background :)

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    • Hello!

      I think the best image size for item is 64x64, then I think you should make that

      the folder you need to find is ...\Don't Starve\data\DLC0002\images\inventoryimages.tex

      you need Tex tool to read this file type

      Good luck! :D

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    • I totally forgot about the Tex Tools, thx for pointing me in the direction :) yeah, i figuered 60x60px works well with the item template in this wiki, but ill try 64x64 too and see what fits better.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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