• Hi, I just created the Yaarctopus-page and I found that i miss-spelled the title the whole time, as it is not Yarrctopus :\

    The wiki wont let me edit the title though, everything else should be fine.

    Thank you in advance :)

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    • Done, this is because the wiki's settings only allow at least auto-confirmed users to rename pages. This is to prevent trolls from simply creating an account and then vandalizing a page by renaming it.

      Your account is new, so it hasn't been confirmed. Once your account is 4 days old and you have edited a few pages, your account will be automatically confirmed, and you can edit any "auto-confirmed" protected page on any wiki forever.

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    • thx man, good to know! :)

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    • Also just discovered another reason; there was a broken redirect under the same name which also prevents renaming. Had to delete it and replace it with the page.

      Only admins can perform this, so if you experience any more problems, just message me and I'll fix it. :)


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    • An anonymous contributor
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