• I don't know if I am just stupid or what, but I have a Mac and don't know where to look in game files for information, let alone where the game files are. The image of the Lesser Glow Berry, and the new info were very much appreciated. :D

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    • It's very kind of you to leave me a message.

      Unfortunately, I've never used Mac :D and really don't know anything about MAC, LOL...

      but I guess all you need is TEX (for image) and LUA (for information) file, it's may in

      ~/Library/Application Support/steamapps/common/Don't Starve/

      (I think that because in Mods page say that the Mod folder of OS X in there, then I think the data folder must be there too) (note: it's for Don't Starve, not DST)

      such as here: (I converted from TEX file to PNG)
      File:Inventoryimages DST v157447.png

      I hope that will help you, anyway, :D

      See you soon!

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    • I was able to find where it is, but I can't find an application to open TEX files. Thanks for everything though, you really didn't have to.  :)

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    • application open TEX in TEX page already :)) (or it can't use on MAC ?)

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    • Yeah, I don't have it anything like that on my Mac. Just to open the coding in the image, I had to download a new application. That is the only problem I really have with Macs: many things are incompatible.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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