• Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I think I may have found the "perfect world"! I (at the moment) have the science machine,the ice box,alchemy engine,rainometer,crock pot,drying racks,improved gardens,beefalo,pigs(even a pig king),glommer(my first pet and it's adorable!xd),Lighting rod,chests,I Haven't found Chester yet and I don't have a prehestiator and I'm on day20-30 something,so if you've got any suggestions that would help!Oh the way I've got a lot of food(thanks bunnies:)).Oh and by the way I edited the birch nut tree page,did you know poison trees are also called Decidious Monsters? Anyway thanks for reading. Lad(Again?! When will that guy stop?!lol)

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    • Wow, that sounds great. If searching for Chester, I would say that it is a good idea to either check the ends and areas around cobblestone paths, especially in the light green grasslands biomes, or look on a path or road in the swamp.

      Other than that, I would say that you should get a Prestihatitator up as quickly as you can so you can start the Magic part of Don't Starve, my personal favorite part. Then after that a Shadow Manipulator. I always found myself procrastinating on making the Prestihatitator and Shadow Manipulator if I don't really force myself.

      Lastly, because a giant could spawn, I highly recommend that you always keep at least 2 big meat in the ice box and a pigskin in a chest at all time so that you can quickly make a Ham Bat. Also, make a chest with 2-3 log suits and 2-3 football helmets. This combination will allow you to take down any giant, except dragonfly, relatively quickly with some fairly good kiting skills.

      I saw your edit, and I put it in the trivia section.

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    • Thanks for the suggestion! I actually have a spare pigskin and possibly raw meat!

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    • That's good, it's nice to hear your world is going well.

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    • Thanks!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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