• I love what you're doing on this wikia,fighting crime in the streets of Don't Starve! I wanted to tell you Jesus Loves You! And if you repent of your sins and ask to be saved,that he'll save you! He died for you on the cross so that all of us could be given the choice to follow him and go to heaven!:D Also how many days have you survived in Don't Starve? Any tips on surviving? (My highest is 35 or 36) Thanks for reading this.:)

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    • Thank you for the kind compliments.

      I have 668 days so far with Reign of Giants on and am still going.

      This is a bit long, so sorry about that. :P

      Assuming you play in Vanilla Don't Starve and in terms of complete long-term survival strategies, I would always recommend setting up a base 2-3 screens away from Beefalo to get manure for farms and fuel. Next, hammer down any pig houses you come across so that you can re-build them 2-3 screen away from your camp and Beefalo later. The only downside with the pig houses is that you only get about half of the resources back when hammering, so you can only build about half of the ones you hammered down. If you are good with kiting, feed 4 monster meat to a pig and let him turn into a Werepig. You can hit them twice before he will try to hit you, making them relatively easy to kill. This will give you Meat x2, and Pig Skin x1. Make sure you make a Top Hat before/shorty after doing this though, as Werepigs have a large insanity aura and you want to regain it after the battle.

      Drying Racks also allow you to make jerky I believe every two days, and one piece of big jerky gives: Hunger-25, Health-20, and Sanity-15. Jerky is my main food source, so I have about 20 drying racks.

      When attempting to kill Beefalo, hit one and run away until only the one you hit is still following you and there are no other Beefalo on screen. Hit it 5 times and then run back and allow him to miss you when he tries to hit you and repeat. You will get Wool and Meat from this. If you are lucky you will also get a Beefalo Horn, which, when combined with 8 Beefalo Wool, allow you to make the warmest winter hat, "The Beefalo Hat". If you cannot get the Horn, them just kill a few spider dens to get silk and make a less warm but still good "Winter Hat". Don't kill more than half of the Beefalo you have though, because if they all die, they don't respawn.

      Spiders are very important. When possible, try to take down a tier 3 Spider Den, the biggest one, so that you can get the spider eggs. For more info on how to do this quickly and safely, look on the "Hunting" section of the "Spider Den" page. Once you have the eggs, place it in the pig village you created and the pigs will continuously fight them for you, giving you Monster Meat, Spider Glands, and Silk. Make sure to pick up the Monster Meat quickly, as the pigs will eat it of the ground.

      My primary source of food comes from the meat that I get from Werepigs, even at day 668.

      If possible, get a bird in a Birdcage as quickly as possible, as they will allow you to keep seeds fresh and convert any meat (except uncooked monster meat) into eggs.

      Also, cooking meat makes it last longer, and cooking fruit/vegetables almost always make it spoil faster, but they are generally better, so cook berries and carrots only when you eat them.

      If you want info on creating Science Machine, Alchemy Engines and the other carfting tiers quickly, you can ask me, but I tried to keep this strictly about food and warmth based survival in Vanilla Don't Starve.

      Have a nice day,


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    • An anonymous contributor
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