• The game refers to Webber using "it" pronouns at the end of adventure mode.

    Webber generally uses "we" instead of "I", and "us" instead of "me". He mostly only uses "I" when referring to past experiences as a human. "We could be good at football, much better than I was!"

    The only other time that I am aware of that mentions Webber's pronouns is the description of Webber's Skull, which uses "he", and the DLC description, which uses "he" to refer to the person who got eaten by the spider to form Webber. The skull is human, so it's likely that Wilson is referring to the one who got eaten by the spider, especially since Wilson doesn't know who Webber is. Since the other characters don't know Webber, their comments don't really count.

    Also, Webber can lay eggs, which I guess ought to be mentioned. The spider is female.

    Seeing as the game is set to use "it" for Webber, and Webber uses "us", I think it would be more appropriate to use "they" or "it" to refer to Webber, and "he" when referring to the boy who got eaten to form Webber.

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    • This actually makes sence

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    • UPVOTES THIS!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Can someone edit this wikipage

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    • The spider-half laying eggs doesn't prove anything; Lots of male characters lay eggs in fiction. Also, the Human-half calls the spider-half "Him" when inspecting the Froggle Bunwich item. Furthermore, While the ending script says "it", the game's internal files designate Webber as a male character (With WX being the only character designated as gender neutral).

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    • To give a more specific example: When a character inspects the Nightmare Throne, their quote is based on the script “male/female/robot_puppet". Webber is under "male_puppet".

      My guess is that the developers originally intended to call Webber an "It", and did so in the game's ending speech, but changed their minds later in development.

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    • I'm expecting some to argue that Webber was only put in the "MALE" category because he's obviously not a robot. However a "NEUTRAL" and "PLURAL" gender category also exist, though they currently don't have any characters assigned to them.

      Point is, if Klei wanted Webber to be called an "It" or "They", he would have been placed under one of those two.

      P.S. If someone wants to check, the game's gender data is located in data/scripts/constants.lua.

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    • tbh im gonna edit the pronouns to they/them, it/its, or just using webbers name in place of he/him. i feel like the two-minds-one-body mindset webber has definitely means it would make more sense to use they/them. they do use the royal "we" after all even when talking singularly. also like, the spider-part of webber could possibly be female, or even gender neutral (its safer to just use a neutral pronoun imo) i mean why would a monster need a gender binary anyways ! sillys

      also i want permission to edit this page anyways coz theres some trivia or info that should be changed and updated anyways i made this acct just to do that

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    • I made this post almost a year ago but it's still an idea that makes sense to me.

      In constants.lua, under DLC001 of course, Webber's gender is actually specified as ROBOT, rather than MALE or FEMALE. The constants.lua in DST does specify Webber as MALE, and thus dst uses male pronouns for Webber, but as far as the original Don't Starve goes, Webber is gender neutral, and the only text describing "it" expresses this. (end of adventure mode) Webber's self-describing text shows their plurality, as they use royal "we" as Ranchdressing14 pointed out. This also calls for the use of "they" simply to match the "we".

      Of course, I don't shun anyone for calling Webber whatever they want, but we should try to make the wikia page as objectively correct as possible. Maybe we should even bring this up to Klei, considering that Webber's gender is specified differently between versions. A mistake was probably made.

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    • I don't think the Webber article makes any sense now. Webber is a single character. In the context of the Webber page, it doesn't make sense to refer to this single character as "They", no matter what the composition is, as long as there is one game entity to speak about. They belongs to places where spider and the boy are spoken of separately. The "Royal" we explanation doesn't make much sense, since he is a child. He has no reason to know or use the royal we. He's simply speaking about the spider and himself. Plus there is no indication that the spider has a separate mind.

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    • bhi i just wanna say that webber using they/them just makes sense since they use it to describe themselves anyways. idk why ur so highstrung about wantin to use he/him. uhh also, im pretty sure normal kids also arent part-spider. webber using royal we shouldnt really be that much of a Crazy Thing. 

      also wtf theres many quotes that are like the spider speaking. like "frog legs for me, sandwich for him". another indication that the spider is well alive n kicking. despite this its just better to use they/them because like.. i donno he/him is so BORING!!!!!!!!!

      plus they/them is an actual pronoun people use like Me! 

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    • The spider is not an interacting entity. We know that it is alive, but it doesn't do anything, nor anything can be done to it. The boy is the actor, everything is done by the boy and he's the only one speaking. The boy's usage of "we" is simply because he cannot distinguish himself from the spider anymore, in his mind, they are one collective entity. Royal we is a single person with a title to refer to themselves with a plural pronoun, and has nothing to do with this case.

      The problem right now is that the article does not make sense. The cardinality of the sentences do not match. For example: Webber is one of the two playable Characters exclusive to the Reign of Giants DLC. Says that Webber is one thing. The next sentence: They're the only one of the two that is not unlocked via Experience. Says that Webber is a collection of multiple things.

      No matter how bored you are, the articles need to make sense and need to be grammatically correct.

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    • I want to say that Webber refers to the spider as "he" when he's talking about them separately; "Sandwich for me, frog legs for him" (Ranchdressing14 misquoted this, please check the Webber quotes page for the correct line) and as we all know, it's stated that Webber the human is a male ("Webber, a young boy who lives inside the spider who tried to eat him long ago", from the description of the dlc).

      I'm also not sure we can claim that Webber is actually laying eggs - it's more likely the spider glands, when used to make Spider Eggs, are supposed to represents the eggs while the other ingredients are materials for the den. After all, when you've planted the Spider Eggs item, it is a Spider Den. In addition, knowing that Webber is in the description called "a young boy" it isn't decent to claim that he is giving birth to anything.

      So in the light of this, I'd recommend using "he" in order to keep the page grammatically correct, since both of the beings are referred to as such.

      Also, Ranchdressing14, please do not mess the page with bad, grammatically incorrect and confusing "corrections" because of your agenda - as seen on your twitter; (which was linked to your profile; ). Pages like this are supposed to be factual and based on evidence we get from canon sources.

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    • Yeah the egg statement is a pretty weak argument; I made this post almost a year ago, after all. :P Regardless of any gender business, I mostly support the "they" because webber uses "we", and I support "it" as well because it's what the game actually uses in Adventure Mode, which is the only time in the core game where Webber is ever referred to using any pronouns at all. (correct me if I'm wrong here; I couldn't find any) Although I see why some people want "he" and that makes sense too.

      Aside from Webber, it's not grammatically incorrect to use "they" for singular people, and it's not even being used as singular in this case..? What do you mean by grammatically incorrect? 

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    • As for now, the page is edited terribly into the they-version. You need to make a lot more fixes to make it work than  what Ranchdressing14 did. Which is personally my main problem with how the page is now.

      While "they" can be used, it makes the current text hard to understand and very clumsy - clarity is, in my opinion, foremost priority with this sort of content. Especially when there's plenty of foreign users who aren't that familiar with the use of 'they' this heavily when talking about kind of a single character (more so when the gender of the subject is known) - while he is sort of a fusion of two beings, it's still one character, a single actor and single personality as the spider doesn't do anything. Webber talking about "us" can be treated more as a quirk than as the sole correct pronoun. 

      Simply put, using the pronoun 'he' instead of 'they' and adding more information to refer the pronoun issue further would be way clearer and save readers from confusion :)

      As for any pronoun being used of Webber by himself, I don't think there's been anything besides the things mentioned.

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    • I tried to find what devs have said about Webber, and in Klei's streams he's being referred as "he" instead of "them" (around 55:20 on this, for example; )

      So I find that's the intended pronoun for him - although I understand why some would prefer the they pronoun instead :)

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    • Nice find! Someone should ask Klei about the discrepancy between DS and DST where Webber has ROBOT and MALE gender variables respectively. Heck, I don't think we even had the character-specific speech lines in DST when I first made this post, but several characters do say "him". Some of my favorite lines are the ones Maxwell uses for Webber because his view varies from "monster" to "child" depending on how Webber has acted:

      GENERIC = "Greetings, Mr. %s.",

      ATTACKER = "%s is looking downright feral...",

      MURDERER = "So, %s, you're a monster after all!",

      REVIVER = "This child, %s, doesn't have a mean bone in his body.",

      GHOST = "Looks like you got squashed, %s.",

      FIRESTARTER = "Like a moth to flame. Or a spider, maybe.",

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    • Webber lays eggs? Where did you get that from? He doesn't lay eggs, he crafts them. 

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    • Itroad6666 wrote: Webber lays eggs? Where did you get that from? He doesn't lay eggs, he crafts them. 

      Correct. If he was laying them, he'd not need materials, especially materials he could produce.

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    • If you check the comments, AmethystMushroom did say on her second latest comment on this post that it is a weak argument and s/he doesn't seem to support it anymore :)

      If I had to guess, I'd say the argument probably came from overanalyzing.

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    • An anonymous contributor
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