• So there I was walking jollily with 2 pigs to a rockylands so I can farm some stone and gold. Thought the back up might be useful for taking out some spiders while I was at it. To my bad luck and poor planning it happened to be a full moon that night and of the pigs turned. He swiftly killed the other pig and me with my log suit and spear thought maybe I could take him out? I was wrong and ended up getting killed. I had a touchstone activated so I simply respawned there.

    Usually when you get killed your stuff just lies there for you to go back and collect, but I can't find it anywhere! Has anyone had this happen to them? It could be that I'm just not going back to the right place. I know it should show on the map but I might've had some dug out shrubs/bushes with me and it could be that they happen to be on top of all the other icons on the map but I think I've searched the area where I died pretty well and couldn't find my stuff.

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    • I did end up finding the stuff. It was in the confines of a spider base and I guess so close to it that they didn't show on the map! Well i'm happy now :)

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    • An anonymous contributor
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