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    Simply put, I got into the game when DST was released, as a friend of mine got it too. The vanilla game became too easy so I got RoG. Now, normally, the caves aren't an issue for me but since it's permanent summer in the caves, how does one navigate the caves without Overheating? I had an Eyebrella and kept swapping back and forth between it and a Miner Hat to explore the caves but I kept overheating every few seconds. I tried stocking up on ice cubes and melons beforehand since I know Summer is significantly harder than Winter in RoG (I started in Autumn) but those burnt through quickly (seeing as how ice normally has a 3 day spoil period, so it's likely 1.5 in summer). So far, this one issue is the only problem I have with this game and it really feels like I have no answer to it. I use Webber in RoG and used Wendy in vanilla but I solely use Webber now. Any advice would be appreciated as I am positively stumped. Thank you for reading this.

    - Sincerely,

    An overheated spelunker

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    • Get Snow Chester and two Thermal Stones.

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    • A summer frest, straw hat or eyebrella if you have it (you will also need a lantern instead of miner hat) and icy thermal stone should be enough to survive down there :) And of course set a base with an endothermic fire pit and ice box. I have no problems surviving in the caves during summer.

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    • Thank you for the swift replies!

      @TeoSS69 I was unable to find Chester on my last world. That and keeping him alive as Webber is a pain since spiders love to smack him around. Makes a lot of sense though since it'd be portable cold thermal stones so if I can find it, I'll make sure to try it.

      @Icedani Do you recommend setting a base inside the cave or do you mean near it? My last base was set in the disused beefalo pen (I did the trick to take out the gunpowder to defuse the trap) but it was a fair distance from the cave. I'll try to change my gameplan with bringing bare minimum instead of trying to carry all I can (I was fortunate in my glommer killing and got Krampus' Sack so I obviously had issues letting it go).

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    • If you can handle the depths worms (and you can, thanks to the awesome rock lobsters) then go for a cave base. There is usually a spot with natural light near the exit (the rope); that's where I set camp.

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    • I'll add that Icedani doesn't mean seting your main base in caves, just a small sidebase with only the necessities. I sensed a missunderstanding:)

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    • No.... Dont Archive this wiki...


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    • I have a similar question, how does one not FREEZE in winter?

      My friend always freezes if he's in caves in winter.

      But if it's always summer, why is this happening?

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    • In reign of giants the caves and ruins are affected by conditions on the surface, meaning it is no longer infinite summer in the caves. If you your having trouble with freezing in caves just apply the same tactics you,d use on the surface, such as carrying a heated thermal stone and wearing worm clothing such as the puffy vest and winter hat.

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    • So If I understand correctly there is no Freezing/Overheating when I "spelunk" in Spring/Autuum?

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    • Autumn will be fine, but in spring the caves will be wet, and wetness can cause freezing. Caves are not a welcome respite from the elements.

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    • This thread shall olive without being archived!, at ;least for 30 days more

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