• hey cna you tell me how you get music on profile page? pretty please?

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    • Sure thing! I actually found out how from TheGentlemenScientists' Wall, but I'll put the instructions here to save you some searching.

      1- Grab yourself a music file, be it (a) from here if you want something Don't Starve-ish, or (b) anywhere else (Youtube, etc.).

      2a- Click 'play' on the music, then right-click on the box and select 'open in new tab'. Or whatever sounds similar.

      2b- Right-click on the video/music player/etc., and select 'Get video URL'

      3- Copy the URL.

      4- Edit your profile and change it to source. Paste the URL anywhere.

      5- Paste this-   {{MusicPlay|REPLACETHISPARTWITHFILE}}  -at the top of your profile

      6a- Delete: -and paste the rest over REPLACETHISPARTWITHFILE

      6b- Delete:                                                                 https://www.[insertthenameofthewebsiteyou%27reusing].com/ and paste the rest over REPLACETHISPARTWITHFILE

      7- Save your changes.

      Tell me how this goes!

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    • An anonymous contributor
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