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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.pngHamlet.

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The Sterling Trough Deli is a naturally spawning Pig Shop Structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found in Swinesbury Pig City and sells a variety of Food items to the player.

If the player obtains the Key to the City, The Sterling Trough Deli also becomes craftable in the City Planning Tab using four Boards, a Honey Ham and four Pig Skins.

During Pig Fiesta, It will have re-skinned food, though the food maintains the same values.

Door (Ancient Pig Ruins Exit) Map Icon.png Interior[]

Upon entering The Sterling Trough Deli, the player will find a variety of Items that are sold in exchange for Oincs. A Storeowner Pig shopkeeper works at the desk.

The following items can be found on displays in the center of the shop which will be restocked by the shopkeeper:

Item Name Oinc.png
Dragonpie.pngDragonpie (Pig Fiesta).png Dragonpie 30
Honey Ham.pngHoney Ham (Pig Fiesta).png Honey Ham 20
Meatballs.pngMeatballs (Pig Fiesta).png Meatballs 10
Pierogi.pngPierogi (Pig Fiesta).png Pierogi 10
Turkey Dinner.pngTurkey Dinner (Pig Fiesta).png Turkey Dinner 10
Waffles.pngWaffles (Pig Fiesta).png Waffles 10
Froggle Bunwich.pngFroggle Bunwich (Pig Fiesta).png Froggle Bunwich 5
Honey Nuggets.pngHoney Nuggets (Pig Fiesta).png Honey Nuggets 5
Stuffed Eggplant.png Stuffed Eggplant (Pig Fiesta).png Stuffed Eggplant 4
Pumpkin Cookies.pngPumpkin Cookies (Pig Fiesta).png Pumpkin Cookies 3
Ratatouille.pngRatatouille (Pig Fiesta).png Ratatouille 3
Monster Lasagna.pngMonster Lasagna (Pig Fiesta).png Monster Lasagna 2

Additionally, the following items can be bought from shelves which will not be restocked by the shopkeeper:

Item Name Oinc.png Amount
Egg.png Egg 1 2
Fish Morsel.png Fish Morsel 1 2
Frog Legs.png Frog Legs 1 2

Blueprint.png Gallery[]