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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.pngHamlet.

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I could use a good hat for the beach.


The Sow's Ear Hat Shop is a naturally spawning Pig Shop Structure exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found in the Palace Pig City and sells a variety of Hats to the player.

If the player obtains the Key to the City, The Sow's Ear Hat Shop also becomes craftable in the City Planning Tab using four Boards, two Top Hats and four Pig Skins.

Door (Ancient Pig Ruins Exit) Map Icon.png Interior[]

Upon entering The Sow's Ear Hat Shop, the player will find a variety of Items that are sold in exchange for Oincs. A Hatmaker Pig shopkeeper works at the desk.

The following items can be found on displays in the center of the shop which will be restocked by the shopkeeper:

Item Name Oinc.png
Tam o' Shanter.png Tam O' Shanter 50
Moggles.png Moggles 20
Captain Hat.png Captain Hat 20
Beefalo Hat.png Beefalo Hat 10
Cat Cap.png Cat Cap 10
Pith Hat.png Pith Hat 10
Top Hat.png Top Hat 10
Winter Hat.png Winter Hat 10
Feather Hat.png Feather Hat 5
Rabbit Earmuffs.png Rabbit Earmuffs 5
Straw Hat.png Straw Hat 3

Additionally, the following items can be bought from a shelf which will not be restocked by the shopkeeper:

Item Name Oinc.png Amount
Cut Grass.png Cut Grass 1 4
Petals.png Petals 1 4

Blueprint.png Gallery[]