The Gorge was an Event exclusive to Don't Starve Together, the second in a series of planned Events by Klei. It followed after the first event, The Forge. The Gorge was a 3-person challenge involving cooking, farming, and gathering ingredients.

A beta of the event started on June 12, 2018, and ran until the official event went live on June 14, 2018. On July 6, 2018, The Gorge Tournament was announced which offered prizes including exclusive Portrait Frames and Profile Icons.[1] After the event ended on July 17, 2018, Klei Entertainment published several official statistics.

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Official Description

After barely escaping through the Molten Gateway, our survivors plummet headfirst into the ruins of a sickly city ruled by a ravenous beast. Work together to cook fine dishes and placate the Eternal Gnaw's hunger to avoid the curse of its terrible plague. Cook well enough, and you may even get to go home.

Game Mode Description:
Cook delicious dishes to appease the Eternal Gnaw in this Gate Realm.
* Enter the world through the Mossy Gateway.
* No nighttime.
* Use what you can find to cook offerings for the altar!


  • Mobs
  • Structures
    • The Altar of Gnaw
    • Mealing Stone
    • Salt Pond
    • Safe
    • Post
    • Queen Beast Statue
    • Beast of Hunger Statue
    • Iron Fence
    • Streetlight
    • Wrecked Bicycle
    • Broken Carriage
    • Dilapidated Roof
    • Dilapidated House
    • Dilapidated Chimney
    • Dilapidated Clocktower
    • Dilapidated Cathedral
    • Smashed Clock
    • House Rubble
    • Worn Pig House
    • Urn
    • Gnaw Worshipper Statue
  • Plants
  • Items
    • 69 Cooking Recipes (70 including Syrup)
    • Seed Packet (all the following seed types plus Mixed Seeds)
      • Blue Seeds
      • Fluffy Seeds
      • Oblong Seeds
      • Pointy Seeds
      • Round Seeds
      • Spiky Seeds
      • Seed Pods
    • Raw and Roast Garlic
    • Raw and Roast Onions
    • Raw and Roast Potatoes
    • Raw and Roast Toma Roots
    • Raw and Roast Turnips
    • Wheat
    • Flour
    • Sap and Ruined Sap
    • Syrup
    • Salt Crystals
    • Salt
    • Spotty Sprig
    • Spot Spice
    • Raw and Cooked Mushrooms
    • Raw and Cooked Salmon
    • Raw and Cooked Crab Meat
    • Raw and Cooked Meat Scraps
    • Goat Milk
    • Old Coin
    • Sapphire Medallion
    • Red Mark
    • Gnaw's Favor
    • Hoe
    • Syrup Pot
    • Tree Tapping Kit
    • Cookpot Kit
      • Pot Hanger
      • Cookpot and Large Cookpot
    • Oven Kit
      • Oven
      • Small and Large Casserole Dish
    • Grill Kit
      • Small Grill
    • Large Grill Kit
      • Large Grill
    • Crab Trap
    • Iron Key
    • Key
    • Silver Plate
    • Silver Bowl

Gears Mechanics

Setting Up

Players could join other players either via Quick Match (which dropped them into the best server the matchmaker could find) or by manually browsing available servers. Alternatively, a player could request a custom server via Custom Match, allowing them to set the server's name, description, password and whether or not it was associated with a Steam Group. All Gorge matches took place on specially dedicated servers, and as such, players could host their own Gorge servers.

It was not necessary to have a full set of three players to start a match, though it was recommended to do so. A round would begin either when all three player slots were filled up, or when all players in an incomplete party voted to begin without the full three.


Characters have no Health, Hunger or Sanity, and only five inventory slots (four normal ones and a Hand slot). Characters spawn at the Mossy Gateway. The game is governed by the Gnaw's Hangry Meter, which depletes over time. The players have to snackrifice dishes on the Altar of Gnaw, which grant the players rewards in coins. Coins can be used to buy more cookware kits and other supplies. More valuable coins can get the players better supplies and more points. The following are the types of coins and their point value:

  • Old Coin Old Coin: 1 equals 1 point.
  • Sapphire Medallion Sapphire Medallion: 1 equals 28 points, 2 equals 84 points.
  • Red Mark Red Mark: 1 equals 98 points, 2 equals 294 points.
  • Gnaw's Favor Gnaw's Favor: 1 equals 343 points.

These points are used to calculate the total Appeasement Points at the end of the match. Appeasement Points are calculated by adding all the snackrifice points, multiplying that by 1000, then dividing the product by the total number of seconds.[2]

The amount and types of coins earned from a snackrifice varies depending on the following factors:

  • Type of dish: Dishes that are made with more valuable ingredients give better rewards.
  • Type of craving: Snackrificing a dish that matches the craving will give optimal rewards.
  • Freshness: All dishes will lose freshness over time. The fresher they are, the better the rewards.
  • Type of plating: There are Silver Bowls and Plates which can be bought from Mumsy for two Sapphire Medallions. They can also be found in Safes, which need to be unlocked with Keys bought from the Swamp Pig Elder for three Salts. Silver plating greatly improves the coinage earned.

The first craving is always a Snack. After the first dish is snackrificed, the Gnaw will have a different craving to be fulfilled, as told by Mumsy. This goes on until the player party earns at least three Gnaw's Favors, which can be used to obtain the Ancient Key from Mumsy. To win the game, the player party must put the Ancient Key in the Altar of Gnaw before the meter fully runs out.

Character Specialties

This lists the special abilities of all The Gorge characters.

Character Perks Expertise Starting Items
Wilson Portrait Wilson Improves nearby Cookpot efficiency. Inspects food to determine if it matches the Gnaw's craving. Cooking
Willow Portrait Willow Logs burn longer on the fire. Cooking
Wolfgang Portrait Wolfgang Improves nearby Oven efficiency. Cooking
Wendy Portrait Wendy Improves nearby Grill efficiency. Cooking Rot
WX-78 Portrait WX-78 Enhanced robotic runspeed. Gathering
Wickerbottom Portrait Wickerbottom Has just the book for the occasion. Inspects food to determine if it matches the Gnaw's craving. Farming Applied Horticulturex2
Woodie Portrait Woodie Chops wood more quickly. Gathering
Wes Portrait Wes Expert haggler. Shopping
Waxwell Portrait Maxwell Summons a Shadow Logger. Gathering Codex Umbra
Wigfrid Portrait Wigfrid Harvests an extra meat when slaughtering Beefalo. Gathering
Webber Portrait Webber Sows seeds and harvests plants much more quickly. Farming
Winona Portrait Winona Performs most actions slightly faster. Farming

Gorge Accomplishment Locked Accomplishments

Gorge Mastery Requirement XP
Gorge accomplishment never satisfied Never Satisfied Escape without satisfying any cravings 30,000
Gorge accomplishment tree hugger Tree Hugger Escape without harvesting any logs 20,000
Gorge accomplishment killing spree Killing Spree Escape with all cooked meals having one or more meat ingredients (Meat Scraps, Salmon, Meat, or Crab Meat) 20,000
Gorge accomplishment meaty neglect Meaty Neglect Escape without any meals cooked with meat ingredients (Meat Scraps, Salmon, Meat, or Crab Meat) 20,000
Gorge accomplishment three many cooks Three Many Cooks Play a 3-player match where everyone has a turn to cook and complete at least two meals 5,000
Gorge accomplishment snack of all trades Snack of All Trades Cook and complete at least one meal using a Large Grill, a Large Cookpot, and a Large Casserole Dish, respectively 5,000
Gorge accomplishment marked for red Marked For Red Find or earn 3 or more Red Marks in one match 5,000
Gorge accomplishment gather round the sapphire Gather 'Round the Sapphire Find or earn 3 or more Sapphire Medallions in one match 1,000
Victory Requirement XP
Gorge accomplishment escape Escape! Activate the Ancient Gateway and escape the Gorge 10,000
Gorge accomplishment no silver linings No Silver Linings Escape the Gorge without offering any silver plated meals to the Gnaw 30,000
Gorge accomplishment sodi-yum Sodi-yum Escape the Gorge without offering the Gnaw any salted meals 20,000
Gorge accomplishment taste maker Taste Maker Escape the Gorge without failing to fulfill any cravings 20,000
Gorge accomplishment no repeater eater No Repeater Eater Escape the Gorge without offering any duplicate meals 20,000
Gorge accomplishment cooked to perfection Cooked to Perfection Escape the Gorge without having burned or ruined any meals 10,000
Gorge accomplishment zero-wait staff Zero-Wait Stall Escape the Gorge by offering 7 meals or less 30,000
Gorge accomplishment quick lunch Quick Lunch Escape the Gorge by offering 10 meals or less 20,000
Gorge accomplishment flavorville Flavorville Escape the Gorge having fulfilled 18 or more of the Gnaw's cravings 30,000
Gorge accomplishment gnaws gnosh Gnaw's Gnosh Escape the Gorge having fulfilled 15 or more of the Gnaw's cravings 20,000
Offerings Requirement XP
Gorge accomplishment fast food Fast Food Sacrifice something the Gnaw is craving 3 times in 3 minutes 10,000
Gorge accomplishment favored Favored Earn the Gnaw's Favor 5,000
Gorge accomplishment marked Marked Find or earn a Red Mark 1,000
Gorge accomplishment gnaw in the sky with sapphires Gnaw In The Sky With Sapphires Find or earn a Sapphire Medallion 500
Gorge accomplishment spoiled wyrm Spoiled Wyrm Sacrifice something the Gnaw is craving at least 9 times in one match 5,000
Gorge accomplishment eternal cravings Eternal Cravings Sacrifice something the Gnaw is craving at least 6 times in one match 1,000
Gorge accomplishment cheat day Cheat Day Sacrifice something the Gnaw is craving at least 3 times in one match 500
Cooking Requirement XP
Gorge accomplishment master chef Master Chef Discover all possible recipes. 30,000
Gorge accomplishment its not raw It's Not Raw Cook at least 6 meals from start to finish in a single match, without burning any of them 1,000
Gorge accomplishment great victorian cook off Great Victorian Cook Off Cook a meal 500
Gorge accomplishment big meal Big Meal Cook and complete at least one meal using a Large Grill, Large Pot or Large Casserole Dish 500
Gorge accomplishment bake boss Bake Boss Cook and complete at least one meal using an oven, a pot, and a grill, respectively 500
Gorge accomplishment the silver gullet The Silver Gullet Increase the value of a dish by plating it in a silver plate or bowl 500
Farming Requirement XP
Gorge accomplishment reap what you sow Reap What You Sow Sow at least 30 seeds in a single match 1000
Gorge accomplishment premium plant food Premium Plant Food Fertilize at least 20 crops in a single match 500
Gorge accomplishment dawn till dusk Dawn Till Dusk Till at least 50 farm plots in a single match 500
Gorge accomplishment sowing machine Sowing Machine Sow one or more of each type of seed 500
Resource Collection Requirement XP
Gorge accomplishment the landed land crab The Landed Land Crab Catch a Pebble Crab 1,000
Gorge accomplishment chopped Chopped Chop and gather 80 logs or more in a single match 500
Gorge accomplishment finders keepers Finders, Keepers Unlock at least one safe 500
Gorge accomplishment extra sappy Extra Sappy Gather sap from Sugarwood trees 9 times or more in a single match 500
Gorge accomplishment the spice of strife The Spice of Strife Grind 5 teaspoons of spice in a single match 500

The Gorge Tournament

The Gorge Tournament began on July 10, 2018, and ran until July 17, 2018. To enter, players had to play a regular match and earn the following four badges:

  • Gorge Badge Victory Victory
  • Gorge Badge No Failed Offerings No Failed Offerings
  • Gorge Badge No Repeat Meals No Repeat Meals
  • Gorge Badge No Duplicate Survivors No Duplicate Survivors

Earning other badges would not effect the entry. Getting these four badges granted the player a Gorge Badge Tournament Entry Tournament Entry badge. Their score would be added to the leaderboard, which was viewable on the Gorge Recipe Book page under the Tournament section. Players could enter multiple times to improve their score.[2]

The prizes given out for each tier are the following:

  • The Gold prizes for the top 1-3 player team included a Golden Icon of Gnaw and a Golden Cornucopia Portrait as well as a Survivors and Belongings Chest.
  • The Silver prizes for the top 5 teams of 1-3 players included a Sterling Icon of Gnaw and a Sterling Cornucopia Portrait as well as the Belongings Chest.
  • The Bronze prizes for the top 100 teams included a Burnished Icon of Gnaw and a Burnished Cornucopia Portrait as well as 25 Gnaw's Chests.
  • All other players who participated but did not rank received an Icon of Gnaw.

Prototype Tips

  • There is a patch of pre-grown Potatoes by the Swamp Pig Village, yielding 4 Potatoes and 2 Rot. Harvesting them will allow the team to get a head start on making food, especially since 3 potatoes makes a meal that counts as a snack at any cooking station: Potato Pancakes on the Grill, Potato Soup in the Cooking Pot, and Potato Chips in the Oven.
  • Dishes that give Gnaw's Favors and the equipment used to make them (as well as other dishes that produce the currency needed to buy that equipment, earlier on) should be prioritized.
  • It is possible to access seeds for Garlic and Toma Root without buying the Iron Key (and access to Pipton) by buying the Packet of Mixed Seeds.
  • Since most picked food items rot quickly it is not recommended to harvest all Berries or Foliage until they are needed. This also applies to fully formed plant crops as most will eventually rot/wither away. However, even if picked just before the plant crops rot they will give the vegetable at full durability.
  • One of the easiest dishes to make is Stone Soup, requiring only 1 Rock, 1 Berry and 1 Foliage. It grants 10 Old Coins if given as a Snack. It can also be used for a Soup craving for slightly less coins.

Placeholder Trivia

  • The Gorge, through its associated Skins, was first made known to players through an accidental leak on May 23, 2018, where the event was called the Quagmire.
  • The event is associated with the Culinarian and Victorian Skin sets.
  • On June 14, 2018, Klei posted a link to a Recipe Book that contains all recipes that have been discovered so far.
  • The Gorge was originally planned to end on July 9, 2018, but was extended to July 16, 2018. This change was announced on July 6, 2018. On the same day, the game was updated to include the Gorge Mastery accomplishments.
  • Klei merchandise was originally also planned as prizes for the Gorge Tournament, but this was dropped due to legal complications.[3]
  • Players were able to die by placing Logs near a Campfire next to the Swamp Pig Elder and taking a fatal amount of fire damage. However, they could be revived by other players much like in The Forge. If all players are dead or are not resurrected, they would remain deceased until mermification, where the players would be revived just to be turned into merms. This mechanic was removed in a later update.
  • The concept of Snackrificing was introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC for Don't Starve, in which players could offer items to the Volcano Altar of Snackrifice to control the frequency of volcanic eruptions.
  • There are many references in the achievement names:
    • "Chopped", "Master Chef", and "Bake Boss" may be references to cooking game shows Chopped, MasterChef, and Cake Boss respectively.
    • "It's Not Raw" may be referring to a meme involving celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay criticizing the poor cooking skills of contestants on the game show Hell's Kitchen, yelling "It's raw!"
    • "Gnaw In The Sky With Sapphires" is a reference to the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".
    • "Gather 'Round the Sapphire" may be a reference to the song "Campfire Song Song" from Spongebob Squarepants.
    • "Three Many Cooks" might be a reference to the short Too Many Cooks, or simply the proverb "Too many cooks spoil the broth"
    • A "Tree Hugger" is a slang term referring to environmentalists.
    • "Snack of All Trades" is a play on "jack of all trades".
    • "No Silver Linings" is referring to the proverbial "silver lining", which is something that is positive that came from a bad situation.
    • "Reap What You Sow" is referring to an idiom that has roots from the bible.
    • "Sowing Machine" is a play on sewing machine.
    • "The Spice of Strife" is a play on the saying "variety is the spice of life".

Blueprint Gallery

Concept Art

Gramophone Sounds

The Gorge theme that plays on the main menu.
Gorge Title Screen Theme
The Gorge theme during gameplay.
Gorge Theme
Music that plays when the Hangry Meter is low.
Gorge Time Low Theme


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