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It wobbles when you wave it.


The Tentacle Spike is a Melee Weapon. It is a purple tentacle with spikes protruding from one end, similar to a spiked mace. It has a 50% chance to drop from Tentacles, which are found in Marshes and Caves, or Big Tentacles, which are found only in Caves. If a Big Tentacle has already dropped one, no other Big Tentacles can drop them for the rest of the Day.

The Tentacle Spike does 51 damage per hit for players with the normal damage multiplier. It is a highly useful melee weapon for most instances, having the fourth highest damage of all weapons, being relatively easy to obtain, and having no drawbacks.

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In the Shipwrecked DLC, the Quacken boss spawns a variant of tentacles. Quacken Tentacles have 5% chance to drop a Tentacle Spike when killed.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Tentacle Spike used to have a value of 1-10 Research Points depending on its durability.
  • Before the Hamlet DLC, the Tentacle Spike used to sink, and the only way to retrieve it was by using a Trawl Net.

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