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This template is used to do insert an infobox onto pages about Craftable Structures. For Naturally Spawning Objects, use Object Infobox instead.
Use the following code as reference when using this template. Note that one does not need all of these parameters in order to use this template.
{{Structure Infobox
All of this template's parameters are optional. In addition, certain parameters can only have certain values.
  • The ingredient and multiplier parameters must correspond to each number. For instance, 5 Logs and 3 Flint would be expressed as
ingredient1= Log
multiplier1= 5
ingredient2= Flint
multiplier2= 3
  • tab must correspond to one of the Tabs in Don't Starve or its expansions. It may also be required to be capitalized depending on the icon that corresponds to it.
  • tier must be a number between 0-8 included.
    • 0 gives "Always available"
    • 1 gives Science Machine.png
    • 2 gives Alchemy Engine.png
    • 3 gives Shadow Manipulator.png
    • 4 gives Prestihatitator.png
    • 5 gives Blueprint.png
    • 6 gives Blueprint (rare).png
    • 7 gives Sketch.png
    • 8 gives Key to the City.png
    • 9 gives Think Tank.png
  • tool and biome should only be used for objects which are either foremost naturally spawning and have been made craftable as an afterthought, or which require specific methods of destruction, such as Lawn Decorations. It does not need to be mentioned in the infobox that every craftable structure can be destroyed with a Hammer or Deconstruction Staff.


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