Yes check vote.png Reviewed
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How To Use

For approving requests (e.g. Request for Adminship), type {{Done}}, and it will show Yes check vote.png Done

For resolving problems and making a final solution, type {{Resolved}}, and it will show Yes check vote.png Resolved

For reminding others that you have reviewed the problems or tasks, type {{Reviewed}}, and it will show Yes check vote.png Reviewed

Related Templates

Syntax Examples
{{Agree}}Symbol support vote.png Support
Symbol strong support vote.png Strongly support
Symbol weak support vote.png Weakly support
{{Disagree}}Symbol oppose vote.png Oppose
Symbol strong oppose vote.png Strongly oppose
Symbol weak oppose vote.png Weakly oppose
{{Neutral}}Symbol neutral vote.png Neutral
{{Comment}}Symbol comment vote.png Comment
Yes check vote.png Done
Yes check vote.png Resolved
Yes check vote.png Reviewed
{{Not done}}X mark vote.png Not done
Symbol request vote.png Question
Symbol request vote.png Request
{{Confirmed}}Symbol confirmed vote.png Confirmed
{{Wtf}}Symbol wtf vote WTF?

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