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This template provides information of both raw and cooked Food under the same infobox. For food that cannot be cooked, use Item Infobox instead.
Use the following code as reference when using this template. Note that one does not need all of these parameters in order to use this template.
{{Food Infobox
|Box title   = <!-- Optional, Defaults to {{PAGENAME}} / Cooked {{PAGENAME}} -->
|image1      = <!-- Falls back to {{{image}}}, finally defaults to {{PAGENAME}}. -->
|image2      = <!-- Images displays as blanks when the NAME.png is unexist. -->
|health1     =
|health2     =
|sanity1     =
|sanity2     =
|spoil1      =
|spoil2      =
|perk        =
|foodType    =
|foodValue   =
|droppedBy   =
|soldBy      =
|stacklimit1 =
|stacklimit2 =
|spawnCode1  =
|spawnCode2  =
  • Most of the parameters follow a format: parameter#, where # is either 1 or 2. 1 corresponds to the table on the left, while 2 corresponds to the table on the right.
  • droppedBy should always use {{pic}}. Add "&times;" at the start at the end of each row within a set of parentheses () and a number at the end.
    • For instance, (&times;5) gives (×5).

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