WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining a Swordfish.

Swordfish are hostile Mobs found in the Shipwrecked DLC. They spawn in the Deep Ocean from an invisible spawner. One will spawn in the same spot every 60–120 seconds, as long as the player is nearby.

Despite being hostile, they are considered innocent creatures and killing one adds 4 points to the Player's naughtiness level, which can cause Krampus to appear.

Dead SwordfishEdit

Wheeler Portrait
Your adventure is at an end. My adventure is just beginning."

Wheeler, when examining a Dead Swordfish.

When a Swordfish is killed it becomes a Dead Swordfish. It can be eaten to restore 1 Health Meter and 25 Hunger Meter. If cooked at a Campfire, Fire Pit, Chiminea, or Dwarf Star, it will produce Fish Steak. Dead Swordfish can be used to craft the Cutlass Supreme. It can also be dried to get Jerky, or be traded to Yaarctopus for Dubloons. A Dead Swordfish cannot be used to cook in the Crock Pot.

When a Dead Swordfish is left to spoil, it will turn into a Spoiled Fish.

Spear Fighting Strategy Edit

To fight Swordfish, boat speed of 7 or above is recommended, adding both Boat and the Sail speed. Sailing close to the Swordfish will cause it to attack, which can be dodged by sailing in the opposite direction after the Swordfish pauses before the attack. Then players will be able to land 1 to 2 hits with a melee weapon depending on boat speed. Swordfish cannot be stunlocked.

The player can also dock near a herd of Water Beefalo and let the Swordfish attack the Beefalo. The Beefalo, fighting in groups, will usually win, resulting in the Swordfish's death. However, the player needs to actually get on land for this strategy to work, as the Swordfish will not attack other mobs while chasing the player.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Dead Swordfish
Interface arrow right
Spoiled Fish
Dead Swordfish
Fire Pit
Fish Steak
Dead Swordfish
Drying Rack
Dead Swordfish
Dead Swordfish
Gold Nugget
Gold Nugget
Alchemy Engine
Cutlass Supreme
Dead Swordfish
Yaarctopus Icon
Octopus Chest

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Once the location of the spawner is found, it can be marked by Items that have Map markers, like any one of the Backpacks or Boats as well as a Buoy.
  • It'd be wise to save the Swordfish for crafting the Cutlass Supreme as the weapon can serve as a sturdier and saner alternative to the Dark Sword.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • There is code in the game files that would allow using alive Swordfish in the Crock Pot, counting as 1 unit of Fish and 0.5 units of Meat. However, there is no method implemented that would make capturing Swordfish alive possible.

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