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Holding a pitchfork feels disturbingly natural.


The Strident Trident is a Weapon exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Return of Them. The Strident Trident Blueprint is dropped by the Crab King upon death. It requires 3 Gnarwail Horns, 4 Kelp Fronds and 2 Twigs to craft.

The Strident Trident can be used as a weapon to deal 27.2 damage on land and 68 damage on sea with 150 uses. It can also cast spells, consuming 3 weapon uses (for a maximum of 50 casts).

The spell will cause the player to play a short rock chord and summon geysers in the Ocean around the cast location, dealing 85 damage each. It mines for the equivalent 10 Pickaxe hits. It can create leaks in a Boat, push Items into the ocean, and project fish into the air to catch them without a Sea Fishing Rod, provided they can fall onto nearby land or a boat. It uproots Bull Kelp.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • With 50 casts, this weapon has the ability to catch a lot of live fish in a short amount of time. Using the trident as a weapon however may be considered a waste as it only gets a damage bonus on the ocean equal to a Dark Sword and has only 50% more durability.
  • The trident's cast can also be used to mine Salt Formations in the ocean as well as kill the Cookie Cutters found nearby, if one does not wish to risk damaging their boat.
  • After two gnarwail horns have been collected, the trident can be crafted with a construction amulet. Using a deconstruction staff on a trident before it's durability hits 33% will return two horns, so the same trident can be crafted again without the need to farm more horns.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Strident Trident was introduced in the She Sells Sea Shells update.
  • It shares the same debug spawn name as the Shipwrecked item Trident, however, its appearance and mechanics differ.
  • Despite being a trident, when its spell is cast, the character using it appears to strum it like an electric guitar; it even produces a similar sound.
    • This is reiterated in the description, "Rock out in rocky waters."