Spiders everywhere.


Stalagmite Terrain is an environment that can only be found inside Caves. It has been named after the abundance of Stalagmites that can be found in these areas. Turfs like Cave Rock Turf and Guano Turf are also abundant and cover most of the area. There are no known Plants that can be found in these biomes.

There are two variants of Stalagmite Terrain, each having different features, both rarely spawning Nightmare Fissures.

The first variant is abundant with normal Stalagmites. However, being their natural habitat, these areas are also heavily infested with Cave Spiders and Spitters which live in Spilagmites. There may be branches of this biome which are not infested, depending on World Generation.

The second variant is abundant with tall Stalagmites and considered less dangerous. Batilisks and their Guano can commonly be found here. Thulecite Sinkholes are usually found in here.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In Don't Starve Together, Bat Caves can rarely spawn in the Tall Stalagmite Terrain, making Batilisks renewable even in the caves.

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