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This must be the work of an unseen hand.


The Stagehand is a naturally spawning object in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It spawns in a circle of 5 Roses. The Stagehand seems to have something moving under it resembling a Night Hand. At night, the creature's legs creep out from under the table and search for a light source in its vicinity. The Stagehand will only be attracted to sources that produce fire, like Campfires and Torches. If the player gets too close to the table when it is visible at night, the creature will go back under the table. Characters have different quotes when the "creature" is standing. It cannot be destroyed, but hammering it 86 times (requiring 2 Hammers) will make it drop an End Table Blueprint (which can be dropped multiple times), used to craft the End Table. However, the count will reset if 15 seconds pass between two Hammer strikes in the same way HP of Fences, Chests and other buildings resets 15 seconds after being struck.

If the Stagehand starts burning, or if it gets close to a fire, a Night Hand will come out from under the tablecloth to extinguish the flames.

End Table[]

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Little flowers are weak, but look nice.


The End Table is a structure that looks exactly like the Stagehand, except it excludes the shadow legs and is completely static.

Unlike the Stagehand, the End Table is craftable, and can be either burnt down, turning into Ashes, or hammered to drop half of its crafting items. The player can place any kind of Flower in the vase on the table. This includes Lune Tree Blossoms, Light Bulbs, Glow Berries and Forget-Me-Lots. Doing so will grant the player 5 sanity. Placed Light Bulbs and Glow Berries will provide light. After ten days, the potted flower will wilt.

There are eight variaties of Flowers, three variaties of Light Bulbs, and two variaties of Forget-Me-Lots showing up in the vase when the player decorates the structure using the corresponding items.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Due to his tool durability perk added with his rework, Wes is the most adept survivor in getting the blueprint for The End Table, being able to hit the Stagehand 85 times without completely using up one hammer.
  • The End Table can be used as an efficient light source since it can give out light for two nights with a single Glow Berry or a Light Bulb.
  • The end Table can't be destroyed by Werepigs, Hounds and most hostile creatures and even bosses, which makes it a perfect. albeit expensive way of protecting Moon Stone or any other valuable asset

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