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Wilson Portrait
I could grind it up to make a spice.

Wilson, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Willow Portrait
It's a piece of that pepper-y bush.

Willow, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is nice little garnish.

Wolfgang, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Wendy Portrait
We ripped it from its home on the shrub.

Wendy, when examining Spotty Sprig.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Wickerbottom Portrait
It passes the universal edibility test.

Wickerbottom, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Woodie Portrait
It makes my fingers smell like pepper.

Woodie, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Waxwell Portrait
That will spice things up.

Maxwell, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Wigfrid Portrait
'Tis a flavoring sprig.

Wigfrid, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Webber Portrait
It doesn't taste very good on its own.

Webber, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Winona Portrait
Tastes sorta like... pepper?

Winona, when examining Spotty Sprig.

Wilson Portrait

Wilson, when examining Spot Spice.

Willow Portrait
Spices... the true spice of life.

Willow, when examining Spot Spice.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang will cook delicious things.

Wolfgang, when examining Spot Spice.

Wendy Portrait
Just a dash.

Wendy, when examining Spot Spice.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining Spot Spice.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Processed and ready for cooking.

Wickerbottom, when examining Spot Spice.

Woodie Portrait
You only need a pinch to get the flavour.

Woodie, when examining Spot Spice.

Waxwell Portrait

Maxwell, when examining Spot Spice.

Wigfrid Portrait
It cöntains the flavöring!

Wigfrid, when examining Spot Spice.

Webber Portrait
We ground it all up.

Webber, when examining Spot Spice.

Winona Portrait
That should add some kick.

Winona, when examining Spot Spice.

The Spotty Sprig is an item exclusive to The Gorge event in Don't Starve Together. It can be obtained by picking a Spotty Shrub in the Sugarwood Memorial Park area for one Sprig per Shrub. 3 Spotty Sprigs are used to make Spot Spice which can be ground up at the Mealing Stone. Spot Spice can be used in a variety of Cooking Recipes exclusive to The Gorge.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Wortox and Wormwood have unimplemented quotes for Spotty Sprigs and Spot Spice.
    • For Spotty Sprigs Wortox says, "Spice! ...How nice!" and Wormwood says, "Hair from friend"
    • For Spot Spice Wortox says, "Mortals say grinding it brings out the flavor." and Wormwood says, "Makes belly stuff good"
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