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An Arachnid Hominidae, if I'm not mistaken.


A Spider Monkey is an aggressive Monster exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It spawns from Cocooned Trees. It is a huge ape-like creature with spider legs on its back.

It can be hit 2 times per kite, 3-4 times if they are roaring. Upon death, it can drop Monster Meat, Silk, Beard Hair, and Spider Glands. If left alive, a Spider Monkey will periodically drop Manure.

Just like Spiders, Spider Monkeys have their own Den, which consists of a Cocooned Tree surrounded by webbing which slows the player when stepped on. However, unlike Spiders, they cannot enter inside their Den, as it is a tree; they simply keep wandering around it during the Day, and sleep next to it at Night, which allows the player to attack them by surprise.

Even if a herd of Spider Monkeys spawns in the same Den, they do not assist each other, and can be targeted individually without fear of alerting the others. However, care must be taken not to stand too close to them, otherwise they will attack the player.

If a Spider Monkey's Cocooned Tree is destroyed, or if it got carried away from it, it will attempt to find another Rainforest Tree off-screen to transform into a Cocooned Tree. This makes Silk easily obtainable, albeit at a slow rate.

Spider Monkeys only spawn from Cocooned Trees when the world is generated. Afterwards, they will slowly reproduce over time if at least one is kept alive, much like Beefalo. [Verification Needed]

Prototype TipsEdit

  • It is not recommended to kill Spider Monkeys unless they are overpopulating, as they have a rather low chance of dropping Silk and can easily go extinct due to Snaptooths or Rabid Beetles.
  • Spider monkeys will not change aggro until its first target is dead. They share this with tallbirds.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • It appears to share the same base model with the Boarilla, a Mob exclusive to the Don't Starve Together event The Forge.
  • Although they are spider-like mobs, Webber cannot befriend them and they will attack Webber if approached. The same applies to Wilbur, despite also being monkey-like mobs.
  • In the game files, the Spider Monkey's name is Spiderape, which may be why this creature's looks more closely resemble apes than monkeys.
  • The Spider Monkey's name is most likely a reference to the real life spider monkey.
  • There was a bug that caused it to only inflict 20 damage. This was later fixed.
  • They seem unable to change aggro until their initial target dies or it loses interest, this can be abused by leaving Ro-bin nearby and drawing their aggro to it, leaving them vulnerable to attack.
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