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Spiders are commonly found aggressive Monsters that live in Spider Dens. They can also be spawned from a Spider Queen. They are generally nocturnal; only coming out in daylight if their den is attacked, or if the webbing from their dens is stepped on. Spiders are generally found wandering alone, but will join together if one of them is attacked. When killed, all types of Spiders drop either one Monster Meat, a piece of Silk, or a Spider Gland.

When playing as Webber, a spider can be tamed by feeding them any kind of meat; even Monster Meat. When tamed, it will attack any creature Webber attacks except Shadow Creatures. The spider can be dismissed if the Shoo Box is used. If the Webby Whistle is used, any spider in any tier den (even Spider Warriors) will emerge for a few seconds, then retreat back to their den. However, the Webby Whistle can also be used for pacifying tamed spiders, if they aggro on another player or monster, they'll come back to Webber. Any spider can be turned into another type of spider if Webber uses a Switcherdoodle on them.

Gift Icon Downloadable Content[]

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Spiders have a chance to spawn after picking Tumbleweeds. There is also a rare chance for them to drop Webber's Skull. Webber's familiar appearance makes Spiders neutral towards him, and can be befriended with any spare meats, essentially making them Webber's equivalent to Pigs. Webber himself also doesn't lose any sanity when hanging around any Spiders.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, spending Dubloons at the Slot Machine has a chance to spawn 3 Spiders.

While Spiders don’t appear in the Hamlet DLC by default, being replaced by Spider Monkeys, Webber can still place Spider Eggs and therefore bring Spiders to the Plateau. If needed, he can also kill Spider Monkeys for Spider Glands and use the Reeds from the Lily Pond to make Papyrus and therefore more Spider Eggs, or let the Spider Queen spread more dens.

Brain Behavior[]

If a survivor other than Webber steps on the Sticky Webbing around a Spider Den, it will prompt a number of Spiders (how many Spiders spawn and what type they are depends on the amount of Spiders left and the level of their den) to come out, roar, and investigate the spot of webbing. Attacking those Spiders while either party is on the webbing signals the entire cluster to the den's defense. If a player merely steps on a corner and runs far enough from the webbing, then the Spiders will go to that corner, give another roar, and then retreat from the sun. If the player spends some time on the Sticky Webbing, the Spiders will follow the player until they're killed, the Spiders die, or the player runs too far.

At dusk, Spiders leave their dens and roam around. If left alone, they return to their dens at dawn. A Spider that's caught outside during the day (whether its den was destroyed or it's too far away) falls asleep. Spending a few seconds close to a sleeping Spider awakens it and causes it to attack, though it will go back to sleep if it's outrun. Spiders spawned by Spider Queens will not naturally sleep, and will instead simply stick nearby the Queen. If the Queen is killed, they will act like homeless spiders and sleep during the day as normal.

Spiders that get too close to bright lights like Campfires usually get frightened and flee, unless they see food or they are targeting something.

Spiders that see any kind of meat on the ground will attempt to eat it. Spiders are comfortable eating even their own Monster Meat and inedible Pig Skin. Unlike normal Pigs, Spiders are endlessly hungry and will easily eat an entire stack of Meat if allowed. Spiders ignore placed Traps even while in the middle of an attack, making them easy to bait into the Traps.

Spear Hunting[]

Spiders found wandering at Night can easily be killed with melee weapons. When hit, Spiders will be stunned for a second. This stun time is longer than the typical attack interval and thus they can be stunlocked. After the first Spider is hit, other nearby Spiders will come to defend it. If they are far enough apart, each Spider can be quickly killed before the others are in range. If the Player is being chased by multiple Spiders close together, they can kite them. This involves striking a Spider and then running out of range before other Spiders can attack. Over time, each Spider will be hit multiple times and killed. Player can also cope using Traps.

Spiders can also be caught in Traps. When placed on the ground, Traps can be baited with any meat, even that which was gathered from their fellow Spiders, to lure in a Spider. Alternatively, Spiders can be led into unbaited traps once they start chasing, as they will not try to dodge them.

The player can also place a Lureplant by the Spider Den and surround it with walls except for the plant, and the Spiders will go to it from time to time. The Lureplant will pick up and eat the loot dropped by the Spiders, and the player must be wary not to let the plant digest it.

Icon Tools Farming[]

Although they are a dangerous foe early on and a constant nuisance during the late game, Spiders provide many resources such as Silk, Spider Glandsand Monster Meat.

General Spider farming involve getting the spiders to fight against other Mobs, which will automate their farming. Some of the top choices are Rock Lobsters, Merms, Tentacles, Bunnyman, Pigs, Spider Dens and the Mobs are co-located for them to fighting. There are some noteworth interactions, such as spiders eating Bunny Puff, Meat and Pig Skin, so players may either have to forgo them or grab the loot during the fight. Bunnyman would also target meat carrier, so players may choose to only pick the Monster Meat in the day. In the early game, Marshes would have a bit of battles between the spiders, Tentacles, Merms, and Mosquitos. Players can then collect their carcass and should wear armour. Eventually, the spider dens grow and the tentacles (which cannot heal or reproduce) are slowly defeated, wearing out the "farm."

There are some characters such as Wendy(Abigail), Woodie(Weremoose) with Area of Effect damage, They generally only fight spiders, avoiding spider warriors since those has more health and has pounce attack, by fighting outside the the emergency radius of the Spider Dens. Wendy should plant spider dens in cave since Abigail has damage equivalent to night throughout the day.

Webber and Spiderhat can incite Spiders civil war. This can be done by attacking a spider, but cancelling the attack before it strike. Player can then pick their carcass.

Winona may use Catapults, after separating from the Spider Dens using buildings or statues, to kill the spiders.

Icon Tools Usage[]

Spiders can be manipulated as defenders. A usual tactic is to gather an angry mass of foes, such as hounds, and then lead them back to the Spiders, allowing the two sides to destroy each other. Fire Hounds however, would likely be burning down the spider den unless the spider den is protected Ice Flingomatics.

In addition, if playing as Webber, Spiders can become valuable allies, as they can be bribed to start a war, within themselves or against others. Webber should cancel his attack animation when starting a civil war to avoid being targeted by spiders. Players should not forget to collect all the meats, or the Spiders will eat them. Building a base close to one or more Spider Dens also offers some insurance from Batilisk and Hound attacks.

Forging Hammer The Forge[]

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We'll protect each other, spider babies!


Spiders reappear in The Forge event in Don't Starve Together as allies specific to Webber. Webber's spiders only appear in groups of three and are greatly reduced in size. These "baby" spiders are immune to all forms of damage and do not draw aggro from enemies. They fall asleep if Webber is killed. Like Abigail, Spiders do not attack Petrified or Sleeping enemies unless Webber attacks them first. Additionally, each Spider appears to do the same amount of damage as in the base game.

Prototype Tips[]

  • At night, a Spider that gets close to a player's wall may attack it. The Spider will generally keep attacking the wall until either the arrival of dawn, it breaks through the wall, or the Spider is killed.
  • When a Spider Den is destroyed, but Spiders in it are left alive, or when Spiders are spawned by a Spider Queen, the Spiders will walk around during night and sleep outside during day. Spiders spawned by burying Webber's Skull will exhibit the same behavior.

Placeholder Trivia[]

  • The collective noun for a group of spiders is a clutter, or cluster.
  • Spiders have been in the game since its early versions.
  • Pigs used to eat dropped meats as fast as the Spiders. This was later changed.
  • All variations of spiders in the game have six legs instead of eight, unlike real spiders.
  • Webber is a child who lives in the Spider that attempted to eat him; one can find evidence of this by reading his in-game quotes. This information was confirmed in Klei animated short Along Came a Spider.
  • Spiders are neutral towards all other Mobs except Pigs, such as Hounds, Batilisks, and Frogs.
  • The fact that spiders can be put into the inventory was discovered on May 6, 2021, before Webber's Character Refresh.
  • When Maxwell examines a spider, he states that their bodies are mostly digestive system.

Mosquito Bugs[]

  • If a Spider Den is destroyed as night ends, any Spiders trying to enter it will be permanently despawned if they began their enter animation. This glitch is very rare because the nest has to take its last hit of damage just as the Spider tries to get in. Spiders killed this way will drop no loot.
  • Occasionally, a Spider (or group of Spiders) will perform the animation that occurs when someone steps around their Spider Den in a loop. The animation plays continuously until the spiders are attacked or bumped into by a player or another mob.

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