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Wilson Portrait
Can you use the celery as a straw?


Willow Portrait
Fire for my tongue.


Wolfgang Portrait
Hoo! Is spicy!


Wendy Portrait
Doesn't spice up my life.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It's quite piquant.


Woodie Portrait
Hoo! Spicy!


Waxwell Portrait
I do enjoy a drink.


Wagstaff Portrait
Ah. A daily dose of vegetables restores the mental faculties.


Wigfrid Portrait
Thy spicyness intrigues me nöt!


Webber Portrait
It's a drink with vegetables in it.


Walani Portrait


Warly Portrait
Add a little spice.


Woodlegs Portrait
Has the kick to't


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Tangy water


Wheeler Portrait
It could be spicier.


Spicy Vegetable Stinger is a Crock Pot Food item exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It requires either a Radish/Asparagus, an Ice, and 1.5 additional Vegetables (total vegetable value of the recipe = 2.5 including Radish/Asparagus). It takes 10 seconds to cook. Because it requires 4 ingredients to make, there cannot be fillers.

When consumed, it restores 3 HealthMeter, 25 Hunger and 33 Sanity, and takes 15 days to spoil.

Prerequisites Edit

  • Requires: Radish or Asparagus
  • Requires: Ice
  • Requires: Vegetables Crock Pot(No Mandrake)

Icon Science Recipe Edit

Inventory slot backgroundVegetablesInventory slot backgroundVegetablesInventory slot background RadishInventory slot backgroundIceCrock PotInventory slot backgroundSpicy Vegetable Stinger
Inventory slot backgroundVegetablesInventory slot backgroundVegetablesInventory slot background AsparagusInventory slot backgroundIceCrock PotInventory slot backgroundSpicy Vegetable Stinger

Examples Edit

Inventory slot backgroundAsparagusInventory slot background CarrotInventory slot backgroundGreen CapInventory slot backgroundIceCrock PotInventory slot backgroundSpicy Vegetable Stinger
Inventory slot backgroundRadishInventory slot background EggplantInventory slot backgroundCornInventory slot backgroundIceCrock PotInventory slot backgroundSpicy Vegetable Stinger
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