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The Snortoise is a hostile mob found in The Forge event in Don't Starve Together. They are the third creature encountered in The Forge and are one of the strongest regular mobs. They are tortoises that have metal armor covered in spikes on their shells.

Snortoises have two attacks. They can extend their spikes, causing dealing damage to all players in the area around them. Their second attack only appears after they get lower on health. They will hide inside their shell and begin to spin, careening around the arena in a semi-triangular fashion. They are immune to damage during this attack, unless it is interrupted by certain types of weapon specials, or WX-78's passive electrical damage. This attack can damage many players in a group at once. It can be avoided easily with speed-buffing items, or by moving in the direction perpendicular to the direction their moving. Snortoises will also hide in their shell whenever they take too much damage at once. This prevents them from taking damage for a short period of time, but can be interrupted by certain types of weapon specials.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Snortoises are particularly vulnerable to the Pyre Poker attack (the Pith Pike's special power), and will flip over and get immobilized if hit. This creates an effect similar to other enemies being petrified or put to sleep.
  • Snortoises' low-health spinning attacks cover wide spaces and can easily catch unprepared/distracted players off guard. To counter this, they should be focused on one by one so that significant chunks of the party do not get taken out by multiple spinning Snortoises in a short period of time.
    • Barrages from the Darts, Molten Bolts from the Molten Darts, Cataclysm Meteors from the Infernal Staff, Anvil Strikes from the Forging Hammer, WX-78's passive electric attacks, Maxwell's Shadow Duelists, Wigfrid's Battle Cry buffed Spiral Spear drill, and chucking a Riled Lucy can stop spinning Snortoises.
    • A Life Blossom from the Living Staff can put spinning Snortoises to sleep if they pass through it and no one fires at them.
    • Trying to fight Snortoises as they hide in their shell will cause them to spin.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The Snortoise's spawn code is "turtillus". However, it's impossible to spawn Snortoises in the regular game, while the Console is not available on The Forge servers.
  • Snortoises used to be called Tortanks. Their name might have been changed due to copyright issues.
  • According to Rhymes with Play #167, the Tortank/Snortoise's original design was based off of a reskinned Beefalo.

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