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A den of "ew".


A Slurtle Mound is a large, slimy rock pillar found in Caves which spawn Slurtles (90%) and Snurtles (10%) when hit or after an Earthquake. Slurtles/Snurtles emerge from the mound after earthquakes to eat the fallen RocksFlintNitreGold, and Gems. Snurtles rarely spawn from the Mound and flee immediately instead of attacking the player. Snurtles, when given the opportunity, will eat Earthquake items in the same fashion as the Slurtle.

When destroyed, the mound yields Slurtle Slime, which can be used to fuel Lanterns or act as an alternative to Gunpowder, dealing 50 damage per explosion.

Tentacle Spike.png Strategy[]

  • Slurtles, when attacked, will either strike back or hide in their shells. Their Mounds can be destroyed by using a group of Bunnymen or Rock Lobsters, or even kite them away and attack.
  • One can make an explosive farm with Slurtle Mounds. Both Slurtles and Snurtles are flammable and explosive, and they'll follow the player if they have any minerals. Guiding them to any dangerous monster and making them explode with the Fire Staff can take out the larger monsters.

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