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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.pngShipwrecked.

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The Slot Machine is a naturally occurring Structure in Shipwrecked worlds. It can usually be found on a small island with a Mangrove Biome connected with its own Set Piece, on four Wooden Flooring tiles with two Skeletons and two Dubloons lying around.

Players can spend a Dubloon into the Slot Machine to get a random outcome. After the Dubloon is spent, the slots will spin for a moment, then stop in one of the 3 possible configurations. All configurations, good or bad, spawn a number of Items or Mobs. It is not possible to spend a Dubloon and not get anything back in return, though one rare result will simply refund the used Dubloon. In addition to the Dubloon spent, each spin costs 5 Sanity Meter.png. Each Dubloon collected by the machine permanently increases its sanity drain aura, approximately by -4/min for each 10 Dubloons spent.

The Slot Machine cannot be destroyed, however it will not function while being flooded.


Wilton's Skull.pngWilton's Skull.pngWilton's Skull.png (33.3% chance to roll)

Mobs will be spawned.

Poison Mosquito.png ×5 Spider.png ×3
Snake.png ×3 PrimeApe.png ×2
Poison Snake.png ×2 Hound.png ×2
Carrot.pngCarrot.pngCarrot.png (50% chance to roll)

A selection of basic items will be thrown out.

Dubloons.png Log.png ×2, Cut Grass.png ×3
Rocks.png, Gold Nugget.png, Obsidian.png Cut Grass.png ×5
Log.png ×3 Twigs.png ×3
Torch.png, Charcoal.png ×2, Ashes.png ×2 Dead Jellyfish.png ×3
Axe.png, Hammer.png, Shovel.png Manure.png ×5
Berries.png ×5 Limpets.png ×5
Berries.png ×3, Berry Bush 2.png Bamboo.png ×3, Bamboo Patch Dug.png
Trap.png, Cut Grass.png ×3, Straw Hat.png Petals.png ×5, Garland.png
Evil Flower.png ×5, Red Cap.png, Green Cap.png, Blue Cap.png Bug Net.png, Fireflies.png ×3, Butterfly.png ×3
Flint.png ×5 Banana.png, Dragon Fruit.png, Watermelon.png
Drumstick.png ×3 Rope.png ×3
Jerky.png ×3 Coconut.png ×5
Hammer.png, Skeleton.png ×3
Gold Nugget.pngGold Nugget.pngGold Nugget.png (16.6% chance to roll)

A selection of valuable items will be thrown out.

Gold Nugget.png ×5 Dubloons.png ×10
Beekeeper Hat.png, Honey Poultice.png, Honey.png ×5 Football Helmet.png, Log Suit.png, Spear.png
Marble Suit.png, Ham Bat.png, Blow Dart.png Tooth Trap.png, Grass Suit.png, Boomerang.png
Spear Gun.png, Poison Spear.png, Seashell Suit.png, Coconade.png Electrical Doodad.png ×3, Thermal Stone.png, Gunpowder.png ×3
Walking Cane.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3 Red Gem.png ×3, Blue Gem.png ×3
Purple Gem.png ×3 Life Giving Amulet.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Chilled Amulet.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3 Ice Staff.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Fire Staff.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3 Ice Cube.png, Tropical Parasol.png
Gunpowder.png ×5 Fire Dart.png ×3, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Sleep Dart.png ×3, Gold Nugget.png ×3 Blow Dart.png ×3, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Spear Gun.png, Spear.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3 Coconade.png ×3, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Obsidian.png ×5 Thulecite Club.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Thulecite Club.png, Thulecite Suit.png, Thulecite Crown.png Luxury Axe.png, Gold Nugget.png ×3
Tropical Parasol.png,Snakeskin Hat.png,Snakeskin Jacket.png Ice.png ×3, Floral Shirt.png, Umbrella.png
Bird Trap.png, Feather Hat.png, Seeds.png ×4 Gears.png ×5
Limpets.png×2, Dead Jellyfish.png, Tropical Fish.png ×2, Dead Dogfish.png Fishing Rod.png, Dead Dogfish.png ×3, Tropical Fish.png ×3
Thermal Stone.png, Straw Roll.png, Jerky.png Spider Gland.png, Silk.png ×5, Monster Meat.png ×3
Sewing Kit.png, Cloth.png ×3, Top Hat.png (5× as likely) Magiluminescence.png, Nightmare Fuel.png ×3, Gold Nugget.png ×3

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content[]

In the Hamlet DLC, an Oinc, Tenpiece Oinc and Centapiece Oinc can be used as a substitute for a Dubloon to spend into the Slot Machine in a Shipwrecked world with Hamlet compatibility. Though the Tenpiece Oinc and the Centapiece Oinc are much more valuable than an Oinc, they are still being treated as a Dubloon by the Slot Machine.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Webber will not be attacked by the Spiders spawned by Three Skulls outcome.
  • With the possibility of rare loot as an outcome on the Slot Machine, anything from the Slot Machine can be considered renewable in the Shipwrecked DLC, at the expense of sanity. Dubloons are dropped randomly by Parrot Pirates, up to once per day from a Booty Bag, or given by the Yaarctopus in exchange for fish, which can be farmed indefinitely.
  • During Monsoon Season, the Slot Machine may get flooded by a pool of water, making it unusable until the water disappears. This can be avoided by placing Sandbags around it.
  • It is recommended to be armored while gambling at the Slot Machine. The Seashell Suit or the Horned Helmet are particularly good for this, since there is a chance to get Poison Snakes or Mosquitoes. An alternative is carrying an Anti Venom along with an armor of the player's choice.
  • Because there is a chance to get Prime Apes as well, it can be handy to have an item that can stop them and keep them still and in-check, such as an Ice Staff, a Sleep Dart or a Pan Flute to prevent them from stealing any items nearby.
  • Elephant Cacti planted next to the Slot Machine will kill any mobs that spawn. Wearing Cactus Armor while gambling will protect the player from AoE damage.
  • It's wise to spin the machine, run away from it, and to come back to pick up the loot or face the monsters. This way, it also reduces the drain over time of sanity to the player.
  • A player can farm Oincs in a Hamlet world much easier than farm Dubloon. Therefore, one can have more coins to spend on the Slot Machine.
  • Insanity aura caused by the Slot Machine can be an efficient way to get insane and farm Nightmare Fuel.

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