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Bunnyman pig

Nocturnal Bunnyman asleep during the day, while the diurnal Pig is active.

I will allöw it a fair fight and wait 'til it wakes.


Sleeping is an in-game state that most Mobs can enter. Most animals (such as Beefalo) sleep during night, while monsters (such as Spiders) sleep during day. Different Mobs have different sleep routines, and not all Mobs go to sleep by themselves. Mobs with a home (like Spiders or Pigs) will attempt to return home when they need to go to sleep. If left homeless, they will fall asleep on the spot at the time they usually sleep. The player can put Mobs to sleep by using a Pan Flute or Sleep Dart, or by eating a Mandrake. The Life Giving Amulet also has the benefit of automatically knocking out nearby mobs upon resurrection. Sleeping Mobs can be pushed around.

Wes sleeping on Fur Roll

Wes sleeping on a Straw Roll.

Player sleeping is slightly different from the rest of the mobs, as in-game time is simply advanced while the player sleeps. The player can use a Straw Roll, Fur Roll, or Tent to skip the night, use a Siesta Lean-to to skip the day, or cook or eat a Mandrake to get knocked out. The player can also be knocked out until the next day if any Mob nearby eats a Mandrake.

Wickerbottom is the only character which is unable to sleep due to her insomnia. She still gets knocked out by cooking or eating a Mandrake, or being near a yawning Bearger.

Sleeping mobs Edit

The following Mobs can be put to sleep:

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In the Reign of Giants DLC, the player can also use a Siesta Lean-to to skip to Dusk.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In Don't Starve Together, sleeping doesn't skip time and instead makes the character immune to Charlie's attacks and gradually restores Health and Sanity while lowering Hunger over time. Sleeping can also be interrupted at will by doing any action or involuntarily by starving.

The Bearger will also yawn when awaken from sleep, putting all nearby mobs and players to sleep.

Grogginess Don't Starve Together iconEdit

Some effects apply a period of Grogginess to players, see list below. Players with grogginess are slowed down by 40% to 60% depending on the remaining time. The grogginess adds up every time an effect is applied.

When the total grogginess time exceeds 10 seconds, the player is put to sleep until the remaining time falls below 10 seconds. Some effects also apply a minimum amount of sleep time.

The following is a list of all known Grogginess sources.

Source Grogginess Time Minimum Sleep Time
Sleepytime Stories 33.3s 20s
Pan Flute 33.3s 10s
Bearger Yawn 13.3s 10s
Mandrake Eaten or Cooked 13.3s 10-11s
Weremoose Halted charge 9.7s 0s
Gestalt Attack 6.7s 6s
Sleep Dart 3.3s 15s
Napsack (PvP) up to 6.7/sec 1-4s
Blue Gem Deer Attack 0.1 0s

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