Wilson Portrait
A picture of a sculpture. We'll need somewhere to make it.


Willow Portrait
Trading diagrams is for dorks.


Wolfgang Portrait
Picture will help Wolfgang carve nice rocks!


Wendy Portrait
I think we could make what's drawn here...


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Detailed diagrams of a stone sculpture.


Woodie Portrait
Some plans for a fancy stone carving.


Waxwell Portrait
I'll need somewhere to sculpt it.


Wigfrid Portrait
The muses' knöwledge, inscribed upön an ancient scröll!


Webber Portrait
We need somewhere to make it!


Warly Portrait
Oh! I could sculpt something based off this.


Wormwood Portrait
Pretty picture


Winona Portrait
What a nice drawing.


Wortox Portrait
Would you look at that!


Sketches are Don't Starve Together exclusive items, introduced in A New Reign. They can be given to a Potter's Wheel to unlock a specific Chess Piece for crafting. Once the sketch is given to a Potter's Wheel, the figure becomes available to any player near the Potter's Wheel. Note that destroying a Potter's Wheel which has taken any Sketches will also drop the Sketches. Sketches have a fuel value of 15 seconds.

To obtain Sketches for Pawns and Queenly Figures, one needs to mine Marble Statues. For Kingly Figure Sketch, Maxwell Statue. For Rook, Bishop, and Knight Figure Sketches, Marble Sculpture of matching type (Note that Marble Sculptures need Suspicious Marble to be repaired and then to be destroyed at Full Moon to drop the sketch). These chess pieces sketches or matching trinkets may also be found in Tumbleweeds. Chess piece trinkets may be traded with the Pig King to obtain its corresponding sketches. The four Boss Monster Sketches are dropped by the Deerclops, Bearger, Moose/Goose and Dragonfly.

The Sketch itself is just about the shape of the piece to be crafted, the color of the crafted pieces will be determined based on the materials used to craft it, where using Marble results in a white piece and using Cut Stone results in a black piece.

Marble Available Figures Edit

The following Chess Pieces can be unlocked from their corresponding Sketches:

Sketch Obtain by
Pawn Figure (Marble) Mining Marble Pawn, Tumbleweed
Queenly Figure (Marble)Mining Marble Comedy,Marble Tragedy, Tumbleweed
Kingly Figure (Marble) Mining Maxwell Statue, Tumbleweed
Knight Figure (Marble) Mining Sculpture Knightbody, Pig King exchanged forWhite KnightBlack Knight
Bishop Figure (Marble) Mining Sculpture Bishopbody, Pig King exchanged forWhite BishopBlack Bishop
Rook Figure (Marble) Mining Marble Rook, Pig King exchanged forWhite Rook Black Rook
Deerclops Figure (Marble)Dropped by Deerclops
Bearger Figure (Marble)Dropped by Bearger
Moose Figure (Marble)Dropped by Goose
Dragonfly Figure (Marble) Dropped by Dragonfly
Statue Moon Marble Crafted in Icon Celestial at Celestial Altar
Statue Butterfly Marble Crafted in Icon Celestial at Celestial Altar
Statue Anchor Marble Crafted in Icon Seafaring

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The actual drawing on all Sketches is of an unmined Bishop Sculpture.
  • Sketches were introduced in the Arts and Crafts update.
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