Wilson Portrait
I wounder if I could move that rock.


Willow Portrait
Who plugged that hole?


Wolfgang Portrait
Who wants to go in scary cave hole, anyway!


Wendy Portrait
Someone is trying to keep the underground at bay.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The placement of that rock looks intentional.


Woodie Portrait
It's bunged up.


Waxwell Portrait
I plugged it a long time ago.


Wigfrid Portrait
What treasures lie beneath?


Webber Portrait
It's plugged up.


Walani Portrait
How much effort will it take to get down there?


Warly Portrait
I wonder what's underneath that?


Woodlegs Portrait
I ain't one fer climbin' in holes like a swab.


Winona Portrait
Nah, I don't want blacklung.


A Sinkhole is the entrance to a Cave or Ruins and can be found randomly in the world and in the first level of a Cave.

Each Sinkhole leads to a new Cave or Ruin. When first discovered, the Sinkhole will be a Plugged Sinkhole and is covered with a jagged rubble mound, the player can usually tell they are close to a Plugged Sinkhole on the surface when they find Rocks lying about in the Biomes for no reason. Mining the Plug reveals the hole with a rope going down into its depths while providing Flint and Rocks on the surface and Thulecite and Thulecite Fragments underground. It takes six hits from a Pickaxe to unplug it. Once unplugged, up to 6 Batilisks will spawn quickly from the Sinkhole at dusk and return underground in the morning. If Batilisks are killed, they will regenerate at a rate of 1 per minute until the maximum of 6 has been reached.

There are only three Sinkholes in a surface world and one for each Cave. Plugged and open Sinkholes are marked on a map by a gray mound and a hole with a red arrow pointing downwards, respectively.

On default settings, the three surface Sinkholes are guaranteed to spawn in the following locations:

The number of sinkholes in the world settings can only be "Default" and "None".

Thulecite Sinkholes are usually found in Stalagmite Biomes.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve Together Edit

In Don't Starve Together, caves are only one extra world, so all sinkholes lead into the same cave. As the Ruins are on the same level with caves, there are no sinkholes in caves leading further below.

In default settings, the world will have 10 sinkholes, and caves will have the same number of corresponding staircases, scattered around in the "caves" part of underground. Notably, the relative location of either of them has no influence on the locations of their counterparts, so for example, a pair of nearby sinkholes will typically lead to staircases which are far apart from each other (or vice versa).

Prototype Tips Edit

  • The high number of sinkholes and staircases in Don't Starve Together often leads to one or more pairs of either spawning close to each other, allowing players to use them as a form of fast and no-cost travel.
    Stairs map

    A caves map with all staircases revealed. Notice the second staircase near the character's current location.

    Sinkholes map

    A Don't Starve Together map with all sinkholes revealed. Notice the pair in the upper left.

    Nearby stairs

    A pair of nearby staircases in a cave.

    • As a disadvantage of the above tip, most followers don't follow the players in or out of the caves.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The sinkholes were plugged up by Maxwell a long time ago, as revealed upon his examination quote.
  • Basalt found in previously generated worlds were actually placeholders for Sinkholes and were turned into Sinkholes when the Caves update was released.
  • Using DebugSpawn ("basalt") will still spawn Basalt, which doesn't change into a Sinkhole, compared to DebugSpawn("cave_entrance"), which directly spawns a Sinkhole.
  • Sinkholes originally had a lighter gray color.
  • As of v166227 of DST players are able to create their own dedicated, multi-layer server along with open sinkholes becoming available. These sinkholes, however, have a staircase going down rather than a rope.
  • Underground Sinkhole can be spawned above ground by putting in cave_entrance_ruins

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • Due to bad world generation sometimes there are no Sinkholes in a Cave.

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