Mild Season, or Calm Season is a Season in the Shipwrecked DLC. It is equivalent to Autumn. In Mild Season, the days are long and nights are short at the beginning but as of the middle of the season, days get shorter and nights longer. Mild Season is the default season in which a player begins the game and is indicated by a saturated color scheme. When following previous Dry Season, the first day still has intense Volcano eruptions. Strong Winds and Rain can occur during the second half of Mild Season, but are far less severe and less frequent than the events that will occur during the following Hurricane Season.

Seagulls and Cormorants may be found in the Ocean while sailing during this Season. More valuable drops are rarer when fishing with Trawl Net during Mild Season.

Due to a lack of Overheating, Flooding and other hazards, Mild Season is the best time to explore, gather resources and prepare for other seasons, especially Hurricane Season. Sanity is usually relatively easy to maintain because of long days and low frequency of rain. Mild Season is followed by Hurricane Season. Due to the harsh nature of Hurricane Season, it would be the player's best interest to use Mild Season to prepare for the Lightning, Rain, and Strong Winds that await them.

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