Wilson Portrait
They're still warm.


Willow Portrait
Oooooooh! I LIKE these.


Wolfgang Portrait
Glowy scales.


Wendy Portrait
Scales of pain.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Scales from an insect? Unheard of!


Woodie Portrait
I still don't believe in dragons.


Waxwell Portrait


Wigfrid Portrait
Mystical scales.


Webber Portrait
They don't weigh much for scales.


Walani Portrait
I need a suit of these, immediately.


Warly Portrait
Hot to the touch!


Woodlegs Portrait
'Tis a wondrous treasure.


Wilba Portrait


Winona Portrait


Scales are a rare item in Reign of Giants. They are dropped by the Summer Giant, Dragonfly. Scales are used to craft fire-resistant items: the Scalemail, which grants wearer immunity to fire damage, and the fire-proof container, the Scaled Chest.

Hamlet icon HamletEdit

Scales are also included in the Hamlet DLC, however, the Dragonfly is not present. Instead, Scales can be bought for 30 Oincs at 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium in the Pig City.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In Don't Starve Together, Scales can be used to craft Scaled Flooring, the Scaled Furnace and a Dragonfly Figure. The flooring limits the rate that fire spreads to objects placed on it, while the furnace is an infinite light and heat source similar to Magma.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Inventory slot backgroundScalesInventory slot background Log SuitInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinInventory slot backgroundPig SkinAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundScalemail
Inventory slot backgroundScalesInventory slot background Boards


Inventory slot backgroundGold Nugget


Alchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundScaled Chest
Inventory slot backgroundScalesInventory slot background Cut StoneInventory slot background Cut StoneAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundScaled Flooring


Don't Starve Together icon
Inventory slot backgroundScalesInventory slot background Charcoal


Inventory slot backgroundRed GemInventory slot backgroundRed GemBlueprint (rare)Inventory slot backgroundScaled FurnaceDon't Starve Together icon
Inventory slot backgroundScalesInventory slot background RocksInventory slot background RocksPotter's WheelInventory slot backgroundDragonfly Figure (Marble)Don't Starve Together icon

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