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Scalemail is an Armor Item from the Reign of Giants DLC, crafted in the Fight Tab. It requires 1 Scales, 1 Log Suit, and 3 Pig Skin to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

It has 1350 durability and absorbs 70% of physical damage. When worn, the player is immune to fire damage, and enemies attacking the player will catch on fire. It also restores Sanity by 3.3/min.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content[]

In the Hamlet DLC, the Scalemail crafting recipe is unavailable, however, a Blueprint for it can be bought with 200 Oincs from The Tinkerer's Tower. The Scales is available at 'The Sty' Oddities Emporium.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Wearing the Scalemail to regain Sanity will not decrease its durability unlike Dress items, allowing infinite Sanity regeneration as long as the wearer stays out of a combat-heavy situation.
  • Its fire immunity makes it ideal for fighting the Dragonfly, making the second encounter with the giant much easier than the first.
  • Care should be taken when fighting regular Mobs. When they are set on fire by the armor, they can spread fire to nearby Structures and plants, possibly harming the player's resources.
  • As this is difficult to obtain and cannot be repaired, one should always wear a Football Helmet or better head armor with it in combat, so as to avoid it losing too much durability. Also, the head armor should be equipped last. This will cause the head armor to take most of the damage, with the armor taking much less.
  • Using the Deconstruction Staff on a damaged Scalemail will return 1 Scale, 1 Log Suit with 100% durability and a number of Pig Skin relative to the damage on the Scalemail (armor at: 100% ~ 68% = 3 pig skins; 67% ~ 35% = 2 pig skins; 34% ~ 1% = 1 pig skin). In conclusion, it's possible to renew the Scalemail at the cost of 20% of the Deconstruction Staff and some Pig Skins.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • With the introduction of the Scalemail, Willow is no longer the only character that can be immune to fire damage. She is the only one naturally immune to fire damage without special effects in place.
  • The Scalemail used to have the same stats as the Thulecite Suit and wasn't able to set Mobs on fire.
  • Like the Log Suit, this armor also makes a slight noise while the player is moving.

Blueprint.png Gallery[]