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Being alone in the wilderness will start to take it's toll on the character after a few days. You will see how much it affects the character through sanity. Sanity represents the character's mental state in the game. It is measured numerically. When Sanity Meter ≤ 30, the character becomes insane, when Sanity Meter ≥ 35, the character becomes sane. Players can gain and lose sanity in various ways.

A small animated arrow appears in front of the brain, showing when sanity is increasing or decreasing. A bigger arrow means that your sanity is increasing/decreasing faster.  As sanity decreases, strange things start to happen: the player's vision becomes shaky, over-saturated, and bright, whispers are heard, and shadowy monsters (called Hallucinations) start to appear. When the character becomes insane, the hallucinations become aggressive and start to attack.

Generally, being in close vicinity to various monstrosities, and eating bad food decreases sanity - while wearing fancy stuff, eating good food, and sleeping increases sanity.

Due to the fact that several magical items decrease sanity when used, it could be thought of as a sort of mana that is depleted by magic use. However, having little sanity brings about its own benefits (for example getting Nightmare Fuel for powerful weapons and armor.)

Instant Sanity Table

Action Sanity
Sleeping in a Tent +50
• Sleeping in a Straw Roll
• Killing a Terrorbeak
• Killing a Crawling Horror
• Eating Taffy Pumpkin Cookies Jerky Cooked Green Cap
• Prototyping a new item
• Eating Garland Small Jerky Cooked Blue Cap
• Shaving Wilson's Beard
• Eating Crock Pot Dishes except for Taffy Pumpkin Cookies Wet Goop Monster Lasagna
• Picking Flower
• Eating Dark Petals Durian Extra Smelly Durian Monster Jerky
• Picking Evil Flowers
• Eating Meat Morsel Drumstick Frog Legs Cooked Monster Meat Cooked Red CapBatilisk Wing and Spoiled Food
• Digging up a Grave
• Eating Monster Meat Blue Mushroom
• Going through a Worm Hole
• Eating Monster Lasagna
Night Monster attack
Eating Green Mushroom -50
Resurrection (Life Giving Amulet Meat EffigyTouch Stone) Set to 1/2
of maximum

Temporal Sanity Table

Name Sanity (/min) Notes
Sanity aura of a friendly Pig +25 Must be very close to gain maximum effect. Best way is chopping the same tree or standing near a sleeping pig.
Playing as Maxwell Maxwell ingame +20
Wearing Tam o' Shanter +6.7
Being near the fire while playing as Willow  ?
Wearing Top Hat Dapper Vest +3.3
Wearing Feather Hat Breezy Vest Puffy Vest Life Giving Amulet Chilled Amulet Nightmare Amulet +2
Wearing Garland Winter Hat +1.3
Rain up to -3.3 Depends on the precipitation rate
Wearing Spiderhat One-man Band -2
Insanity aura of Night Light -3
Dusk and night -5 This is the insanity rate in pure evening light. Even If you make a fire, it remains -5/m
Wearing Night Armor -10
Wielding Dark Sword -20
Insanity aura of Spider Evil Flowers -25
Wearing One-man Band and having Pig befriended -2 + -25×followers -2 for wearing and -25 for each follower
Insanity aura of Hound Red Hound Blue Hound Spider Warrior 28pxTentacle20pxNight Hand -40
Total darkness -50
Insanity aura of Treeguard Crawling Horror Terrorbeak Werepig -100
Insanity aura of Deerclops Spider Queen -400
  • Monsters drain more sanity when playing as Wolfgang.


  • Lighting starts to become desaturated. ( ≤ Sanity Meter100% sanity) Near total insanity, it even dims.
  • Mr. Skits starts to appear Sanity Meter ≤ 160
  • Eyes will appear in darkness. (Sanity Meter ≤ 60% of max character's sanity)
  • The screen starts to shake (nausea). (Sanity Meter ≤ 60% of max character's sanity)
  • Shadow watchers and night hands start to appear at night. Sanity Meter ≤ 130
  • Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks will become visible (Sanity Meter ≤ 100).
  • You start to hear the insanity ambience (Sanity Meter ≤ 50% of max character's sanity) but it's so quiet, you can only hear it with headphones or by turning the volume up. It gets louder when your sanity drops.
  • Rabbits will turn into beardlings. Bunnymen turn into Beardlords. (Sanity Meter ≤ 40% of max character's sanity)
  • You begin to hear whispering. (Sanity Meter ≤ ?% of max character's sanity)
  • The screen is surrounded by black tendrils. When insane (Sanity Meter ≤ 30), the tendrils turn red, presumably indicating a headache.
  • Crawling Horrors and Terrorbeaks will start to attack (Sanity Meter ≤ 30).
  • Your character starts holding his/her head in their hands and nod back and forth.
  • In the options you can turn off distortion, resulting in the blurry effect on the edges not playing.
Complete Insanity

Complete insanity reached on Day 1.

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