Wilson Portrait
You better stay out of my shoes.


Willow Portrait
Oh, look! It's some sand.


Wolfgang Portrait
Tiny, crushable hill.


Wendy Portrait
This looks impermanent.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The dune's iconic shape is formed by the winds.


Woodie Portrait
It's a big pile of sand.


Waxwell Portrait
A little mound of yellow sand.


Wigfrid Portrait
I will nöt make a möuntain öut öf a sandhill.


Webber Portrait
Wish we had a bucket and a shovel.


Walani Portrait
If this was bigger I could sand board.


Warly Portrait
The sand has formed a small pile.


Woodlegs Portrait
Nothin' like th'feel o'sand 'neath me pegs.


Sandy Piles can be found in the Beach biome in the Shipwrecked DLC. Digging them up with a Shovel will yield Sand.

Some other rare drops can also be obtained from Sandy Piles. Those items and their drop rates are Seashells (1%), Rocks (1%), Feathers (1%), Gears (0.2%), Red Gems (0.2%) Dubloons (0.2%), Venom Gland (0.1%), Coconuts (0.1%), Purple Gems (0.1%). In addition, Crabbits and Snakes each have a 0.1% chance of spawning.

After they are dug up, Sandy Piles can be destroyed by clicking on them or using the action button near them. They do not require any tools to destroy, although a Shovel will still be required to dig up the Sand beforehand.

Sandy Piles fully regrow after around four days (one tier every two days) during Mild Season and Dry Season. During Hurricane Season, they regrow twice as fast, and during Monsoon Season, they require double the time.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Players should be careful when digging up Sandy Piles using the action key. After the Sand is dug up, the player character will proceed to destroy the Sandy Pile, if the use button is kept held down.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

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