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The Gorge

Willow Portrait.png
I licked one. Had to.

Willow, when examining Salt Crystals.

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Is make food taste good.

Wolfgang, when examining Salt.

Salt Crystals are an item exclusive to The Gorge event in Don't Starve Together. In order to receive Salt Crystals, one must install a Salt Rack at a Salt Pond and wait two minutes until it is ready to be harvested. Once the time is up, Salt Crystals will appear out of the pond and can then be harvested, resulting in 1 Salt Crystal which can be ground up, granting the player 3 Salt. Salt is very useful as it can be used to extend the freshness of cooked meals while also increasing the value of the food item that is given to The Gnaw. In addition, 3 Salt can be traded with the Swamp Pig Elder for a Key.

Dont Starve Together

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Wolfgang Portrait.png
Wolgang confused, thought salt came from tiny shakers?


The Salt Crystals is an Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

It is dropped by the Salt Formation when destroyed or mined. It is required to craft the Salt Box.

Salt can be use on Food item to restaure up to 50% freshness. If used on a stack of food the effect is divided by the size of the stack. The effect do work on Crock Pot recipes.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Wortox and Wormwood have unimplemented quotes for Salt Crystals and Salt.
    • For Salt Crystals Wortox says, "Humans use it as a "spice"." and Wormwood says, "Rock Tongue Stinger"
    • For Salt Wortox says, "Mortals tongues seem to like it." and Wormwood says, "Tasty Rocks. Mmmmm..."
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