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That'll allow the mounting of some smelly animal.


The Saddle is a Tool item that can be used to mount Beefalo. It is crafted at the Alchemy Engine with 4 Pig Skins, 4 Gold Nuggets and 4 Beefalo Wool.

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To mount a Beefalo, the Beefalo in question must first be tamed by feeding it Cut Grass, Cut Reeds, Twigs, or any Vegetable and Fruit. Afterwards the Saddle may be placed on the Beefalo to allow mounting. If a player attempts to saddle a Beefalo with obedience lower than 10%, it will reject the saddle and attack the player.

After some time being mounted, the Beefalo will eject the mounted player. No damage is inflicted to the player upon being dismounted, and the Beefalo can be mounted again immediately afterwards.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Skins[]

Glommer.png Main article: Belongings#Saddle

In Don't Starve Together, Skins can be applied to certain items to change their appearance. Information on how to obtain specific skins can be found on the Belongings page.

War Saddle[]

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The War Saddle is a variant of the normal Saddle that can be used 3 more times than normal, and also adds 16 bonus damage to attacks made while riding the Beefalo. It requires 4 live Rabbits, 10 Logs, and 4 Steel Wool to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. In Don't Starve: Reign of Giants the bonus damage from the War Saddle will only be effective if the player either has nothing equipped in the hand slot, or has one of a limited number of items equipped, such as a Lantern or Umbrella. For a complete list of items that will deal increased damage while riding a War Saddle, see the main article on Beefalo.

Glossamer Saddle[]

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The Glossamer Saddle is a variant of the normal Saddle that can be crafted using 2 Living Logs, 4 Silk and 68 Butterfly Wings. It requires an Alchemy Engine to prototype. This saddle increases the riding speed of the Beefalo.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Saddles only lose durability when tossed off by a Beefalo.
  • War Saddles are best used on Ornery Beefalo, bringing its total attack to 66 damage. However, a Glossamer Saddle offsets the slowness of an Ornery Beefalo, making it easier to kite with.
  • A Saddlehorn can be used to remove a Saddle from a Beefalo without loss of durability.
  • Since obtaining the Butterfly Wings can be a lengthy process complicated by spoilage, it is recommended that the player crafts seven or eight Bug Nets to catch the Butterflies live, making sure to have a few Berries on hand to feed the Butterflies until it is time to kill them.
    • Since the Butterflies have a one in a fifty chance to drop Butter instead of wings, one should factor in the chance and catch extra Butterflies.
    • Care should be taken when murdering them in the inventory as murdering all of them at once will give the player enough Naughtiness to immediately summon Krampus, thus, a good idea is to murder them away from base.
    • It should also be noted that because of the extreme cost of the Glossamer Saddle, a Construction Amulet is recommended. Using a Construction Amulet and Deconstruction Staff can greatly multiply the number of Butterfly Wings, which is useful as they are a great food and health source.
    • When wrapped in Bundling Wrap or Gift Wrap, perishable items do not spoil. This can be used to the players' advantage to keep older Butterfly Wings fresh.
  • A cheaper alternative is to simply kill them and store the Wings in an Ice Box. Not immediately murdering them all at once means there's enough time between days for the Naughtiness to go down. Care should still be taken, though.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Saddles were first introduced to Don't Starve Together. They were later added to Don't Starve in the Quality of Life update.
  • Saddles are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch.
  • The Glossamer Saddle is the first item in the game that requires Butterfly Wings as a crafting ingredient.

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