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Disgusting. Why am I keeping this around?


A Rotten Egg is produced by allowing an uncooked Egg to spoil. Unlike most foods, even cooked Eggs, which turn to Rot when they spoil, Eggs become Rotten Eggs.

Rotten Eggs can be used to fertilize crops or as fuel in a Campfire or Fire Pit. Rotten Eggs can also be used to craft Gunpowder; an explosive which deals 200 damage and can destroy most structures.


Eggs come from Birds imprisoned in Birdcages. Feeding the Bird any Meat (besides raw Monster Meat) will produce an Egg. Once the Egg is allowed to spoil, it will become a Rotten Egg.

Rotten Eggs can also be found lying on the ground in Pengull nesting areas at the end of Winter, a quick and safe way to obtain many Rotten Eggs.

Icon Tools.png Usage[]

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