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Roads can be found throughout the world. Walking on Roads allows the player to move 30% faster. Roads often connect two Pig Villages to each other in Survival Mode.

Roads are different from Cobblestones and cannot be dug up. Cobblestones are Turf items, craftable by the player, that act like Roads when placed on barren land. These can be dug up and replaced using the Pitchfork. A road's speed boost can be stacked with the Walking Cane and Magiluminescence.

Trail[edit | edit source]

Trail (commonly referred to as Path) is a re-textured, transparent version of the Road. Likewise, it gives the same speed boost to players that are moving on it.

Trails are displayed differently than Roads on the map. Identical to Roads, they cannot be dug up as Turfs, though the ground directly beneath can still be dug up. They appear more frequently than Roads and may also lead the players to Things, Pig Villages or Ponds

Roads appear dark-gray on the map, while Trails appear light-brown.

Placeholder.png Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As of the Insanity! update, Roads look more natural and are a lot more curvy.
  • During the Winter, Roads and Trails are often covered by snow and can be very hard to see. The player can easily find where the road is by throwing items on it during the summer. Nearly-broken tools, weapons, and armor, Wall pieces, and Signs can be decent choices for marking Roads.
  • The fact that there are natural paths in The Constant suggests that there were once many more survivors present.

Mosquito.png Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Occasionally, Roads will go over patches of water, but they cannot be crossed.
  • Sometimes, the middle of the road (but not the sides) may disappear, leaving whatever turf the road is on visible underneath.
  • On the map, sometimes a road appears to have RGB spots along the edge.

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