Map Icon Florid Postern.png This feature has been removed from the game.
The information presented here is for reference only.

The following features were once officially implemented in Don't Starve or Don't Starve Together, but have since been removed from the games for various reasons.

For features with references in the games' files, see Unimplemented Features.


The Bonfire is a removed Structure. Pigs used to spawn at Bonfires, before they were replaced by Pig Houses. They automatically started at Night, however, the Fire did not cast any light. The player was able to cook Food over a Bonfire even when it was not lit. Its spawn code was "bonfire".


Warly Portrait.png
An absolute madhouse.


The Barrel is a removed object found in the Caves, that used to spawn Splumonkeys. When destroyed with a Hammer, it dropped two Cave Bananas, 2 Manure and sometimes a Gnome. The Barrel was also flammable. As of A Moderately Friendly Update, the Barrel was removed, and replaced with the Splumonkey Pod. Its spawn code was "monkeybarrel".

Deadly Feast

Wilson Portrait.png
A most potent dish.


The Deadly Feast is a removed Food item that would instantly kill most characters when consumed. It was used as a way to escape Adventure Mode before the epilogue was fully implemented. Its spawn code was "deadlyfeast".

Farm Plot

The Farm Plot was a feature in beta versions of Don't Starve and it required 6 Grass and 8 Manure to craft without any science. It was a slower version of the basic farm.

Gemology Tab

Gemology was a crafting tab used to make the various Gem-based items in the game. The recipes from the tab still exist, but they have since been split between the Magic Tab and the Ancient Tab. They included Life Giving Amulet, Chilled Amulet, Nightmare Amulet, The Lazy Forager, Fire Staff, Ice Staff, Telelocator Staff, Star Caller's Staff and Telelocator Focus.


Before the Doorway to Adventure update, it was possible to import a save for the steam version of Don't Starve from a backed up region that could be found in the steam directory. This feature has since been removed.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Jury-Rigged Portal

It's rickety, but it appears to function. After a fashion...


The Jury-Rigged Portal was a previously naturally spawning Structure in Don't Starve Together that served as a spawn point for newly joined players. It could also be used to resurrect Ghost Players when playing in Endless Mode.

Lore-wise, the Jury-Rigged Portal was first featured in a comic used to announce Don't Starve Together, as silhouetted characters could be seen emerging from it. Later, it was revealed that Maxwell helped Wilson build it. It was then destroyed and replaced with the Florid Postern by Charlie upon the game leaving Early Access, though it is functionally the same thing.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Long Pig

Warly Portrait.png
I suppose I can't be picky with my ingredients, but...

Warly, when examining Long Pig

Long Pig, also called Human Meat, is a removed Food Item in Don't Starve Together, that used to be dropped by dying players. It stacked up to 20, took 6 Days to spoil, and when consumed, restored 12.5 Hunger, while reducing 20 Health and 33 Sanity. Long Pig no longer drops from players, although the assets still remained in the game. Its spawn code is "humanmeat".

Cooked Long Pig

Wilson Portrait.png
Cooked nice and pink, but still morally gray.

Wilson, when examining Cooked Long Pig

Cooked Long Pig could be obtained by Cooking Long Pig on a Campfire or Fire Pit. It restored 18.75 Hunger, while reducing only 3 Health and 20 Sanity, and took 10 Days to spoil. Its spawncode is "humanmeat_cooked".

Long Pig Jerky

Wilson Portrait.png
Letting it dry makes it not come from a human, right?

Wilson, when examining Long Pig Jerky

Long Pig Jerky could be produced by Drying Long Pig for 1 day. It took 20 Days to spoil, and when consumed, restored 25 Hunger, while reducing 3 Health and 15 Sanity. Its spawn code is "humanmeat_dried".

Shipwrecked icon.png Malfunctioning Novelty Ride

The Malfunctioning Novelty Ride was part of a Set Piece in the Shipwrecked DLC. It was found near a Skeleton in any land Biome and served as a placeholder for the Seaworthy Portal. The Malfunctioning Novelty Ride can no longer be spawned into the game, as its prefab was completely replaced in the Wilbur Vs. The Volcano update.


Notes were items dropped by Birds on May 1st, 2014. They were part of a puzzle, eventually hinting to the release of Don't Starve Together, and displaying coordinates to be used on a special map. Other than reading them, the only use for Notes was as a Fuel source. There were 17 different coordinates in total:

1 (-16, 16) 7 ( -4, -8) 20 (-22, 1) 60 ( 6,-23)
2 (-22, 9) 8 ( 20, -2) 30 (-10,-16) 100 (-14, 16)
3 ( 10,-16) 9 ( 2, 20) 40 ( 16, -2) 300 (-6, 13)
4 (-11, -4) 10 (-13, 8) 50 ( 13, -7) 400 (-18, 6)
5 ( 6, 2)

When a Note was examined, a line of code in the console ended with "It's Greek to me.", an idiom expressing the speaker does not understand something. In this case, however, it was also a hint at the answers to parts of the puzzle.

Research Points

Glommer.png Main article: Research Points List

Research Points were used to unlock new Crafting recipes and were acquired by putting Items into a Science Machine or Alchemy Engine. Each item gave a specific amount of points. In the Insanity! update, this feature was removed and replaced by Prototyping.

Road Turf

Road Turf was one of the Turf Items acquired by digging Road tiles with a Pitchfork. Like other Turfs, it could be placed on any bare ground tile. The player's speed was increased when walking on Road Turf. Road Turfs did stack up to 10 and had a fuel value of 45/90 Sec. Road Turfs have been replaced by Cobblestones. Roads are now permanent and can no longer be dug up with a Pitchfork.

Shipwrecked icon.png Speargun

For the weapon still implemented in the game, see Spear Gun.
Wickerbottom Portrait.png
I appreciate the advantage of a ranged gadget.


The Speargun was a craftable Ranged Weapon in the Shipwrecked DLC, that was replaced with the Spear Gun in the Release the Quacken! update. It could only be used once and dealt 100 damage per shot. Spearguns required 1 Seashell, 3 Bamboo, and 1 Jellyfish to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype. They were found in the Fight Tab and stacked up to 20. Their spawn code was "speargun".

Poison Speargun

The Poison Speargun was a Poisonous version of the Speargun. In addition to dealing 100 damage on hit, it also would poison the target. Poison Spearguns required 3 Seashell, 1 Bamboo and 1 Venom Gland to craft. Their spawn code was "speargun_poison".

Obsidian Speargun

In addition to dealing 100 damage on hit, the Obsidian Speargun would also ignite the target, unless used in the Hurricane Season. Obsidian Spearguns used 3 Seashell, 3 Bamboo and 1 Obsidian to craft. Prototyping them required using either their Blueprint or a Brain of Thought. Their spawn code was "obsidianspeargun".

Don't Starve Together icon.png Fishing Net

Fishin Net was added in one of the beta updates of Return of Them and could even be crafted. It can still be obtained with its "fishingnet" spawn code. Allows the player to receive items that are floating in the sea at a distance. By right-clicking on an item in the sea, the player throws the net and pulls it back in order to get the captured item. If the player tries to catch a bird, then by opening the net, the bird will simply fly away. The player can also catch several items at a time. The item can also remain in your hand if it breaks. Characters only have a sideways animation for using this item. In the game, the network has only a model in hand, and when it is lying on the floor, when the characters are thrown or pulled back by the net, it does not have a model, when the player opens the net, then it has an unfinished model. However, in the game files, you can find completed animations and models

Sticky Webbing (Item)

For the feature that is still available in the game, see Spider Den.

Sticky Webbing was a Turf Item that could be obtained by digging up the white, creep-like substance around Spider Dens and Spilagmites using a Pitchfork. It stacked up to 10 and had a fuel value of 45/90 Sec. The ability to dig up Sticky Webbing has been entirely removed from the game.

Hamlet icon.png Warbucks

Warbucks Portrait.png

Glommer.png Main article: Warbucks

The first Hamlet exclusive character was Warbucks, who was added during the DLC's beta. He was later removed in update Rev. 307715 of the DLC's Early Access.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Disease

A diseased Grass Tuft, good riddance.

Disease was a mechanic in Don't Starve Together that essentially rendered replanted plants useless. When a replanted plant was diseased, it had a timer set to 50 days. Once that timer was up, it had a 10% chance to become diseased. If the chance failed, the timer was reset to another value between 30-70 days and the process would repeat itself. If it was successful, the player's character would comment when harvesting the plants for 4-6 days to warn the player that the plant would become diseased. If it turned fully diseased, the plant's disease would begin to spread to other nearby replanted crops every 1.5-2.5 days without warning. The player could dig up the plant in its warning phase in order to manually reset the timer (or at the very least if the plant was already diseased, the player could dig it up to prevent the disease from spreading, but the diseased plant was destroyed in the process).

It affected Grass Tufts, Saplings, Berry Bushes, and Stone Fruit. Logs and Grass Geckos were also intended to be diseased, but never made the cut.

It was removed from the game in the Reap What You Sow Update.[1]

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Wolfgang and WX-78 are the only characters able to survive the Deadly Feast as they can increase their maximum health after acquiring it. This is because the Deadly Feast's code only checks for a character's max health when it is first acquired.
    • Wormwood can also survive the Deadly Feast, as he cannot lose or gain health from eating food.
  • "Long pig" or "long pork" is a term reportedly used by cannibals to refer to human flesh as food.
  • Pigs can turn into Werepigs if fed 4 Long Pig, since Long Pig and all variants reduce health when eaten.
  • Long Pig is missing a drying model when put on a Drying Rack.
  • Walter's quotes for all forms of Long Pig are the exact same as Wilson's.


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