Wilson Portrait
It's a clump of reeds.


Willow Portrait
It's a burnable clump of reeds.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is watery grass.


Wendy Portrait
It's just a bunch of reeds.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A group of juncaceae graminoids.


Woodie Portrait


Waxwell Portrait
There's wind in them there willows.


Wagstaff Portrait
Good for paper, if it is anything like its earthly counterparts.


Wigfrid Portrait
Thöse are söme hardy reeds.


Webber Portrait
Maybe we could use some of those.


Walani Portrait
More grass. Righteous.


Warly Portrait
A small clump of reeds.


Woodlegs Portrait
Betcha I can whistle a tune wit' these!


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Water friends


Wheeler Portrait
This is good. More would be better.


Winona Portrait
Looks like they're hollow inside.


Wortox Portrait
Just my luck! There's reeds to pluck!


Wurt Portrait
There lots of these in the swamp!


Walter Portrait
A pretty normal thing to see in a swamp.


Reeds are harvestable Plants typically found in Marsh Biomes. They can be harvested to receive 1 Cut Reeds. Once cut, they will need 3 days to regrow, but will not regrow during Winter.

Reeds cannot be dug up and relocated like Grass Tufts or Saplings. They are flammable and will leave behind 1 Ashes when burned. They also cannot be uprooted, such as by the Bearger.

Being found in one of the most hostile biomes in the game, harvesting Reeds is much more dangerous than most other materials, due to the Tentacles, Mosquitoes, Spiders and Merms that dwell there.

There is a Set Piece known as a "Reed Trap", which is a patch thick with Reeds, but also thick with Tentacles, trying to harvest the Reed in this trap unprepared can result in death or serious injury.

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Wilson Portrait
Aquatic reeds.

Wilson, when examining emersed Reeds.

Willow Portrait
Can I burn it?

Willow, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wolfgang Portrait
Is pond plant.

Wolfgang, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wendy Portrait
Reeds that grow drowning in the swamps of life.

Wendy, when examining emersed Reeds.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wickerbottom Portrait
I could make paper from those.

Wickerbottom, when examining emersed Reeds.

Woodie Portrait
I could find a use for'em.

Woodie, when examining emersed Reeds.

Waxwell Portrait
Those reeds could be cut.

Maxwell, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wagstaff Portrait
Good for paper, if it is anything like its earthly counterparts.

Wagstaff, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wigfrid Portrait
Lake reeds of hardy stock.

Wigfrid, when examining emersed Reeds.

Webber Portrait
They're totally hollow.

Webber, when examining emersed Reeds.

Walani Portrait
It'd be a lot of effort to go get them.

Walani, when examining emersed Reeds.

Warly Portrait
I can think of plenty of uses for those.

Warly, when examining emersed Reeds.

Woodlegs Portrait
Sticks aft'r me'own 'eart.

Woodlegs, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wormwood Portrait
Good day, friend!

Wormwood, when examining emersed Reeds.

Wheeler Portrait
Definitely going to need more of these.

Wheeler, when examining emersed Reeds.

In the Hamlet DLC, Reeds can be found growing in the water of Lily Ponds. They can only be harvested by using a Boat.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • According to Wickerbottom, the reeds belong to the rush family Juncaceae, even though species in the family are not used to produce paper. The family Juncaceae is often confused with the sedge family Cyperaceae, which contains Cyperus papyrus (also known as Paper Reed), a plant the Ancient Egyptians used to create paper.
    • The appearance of the Reed in-game, due to its telltale flower, suggests that the plant belongs to the cattail/reedmace family Typhaceae. This family includes the genus Typha, which is also used to produce paper.

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