Wilson Portrait
The skeleton fused with the shadows!


Willow Portrait
I brought you back so I could beat you up!


Wolfgang Portrait
Skeleton should not be walking!


Wendy Portrait
Not even death is permanent.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A mistake in need of correcting.


Woodie Portrait
It's a walking anatomy lesson.


Waxwell Portrait
There is no limit to the power of shadows.


Wigfrid Portrait
It lives tö battle önce möre!


Webber Portrait
I don't think it's friendly.


Wormwood Portrait
Branches? Or bones?


Winona Portrait
That thing's terrifying!


Wortox Portrait
Your mind's not quite right, but neither is mine!


The Reanimated Skeleton, also known as the Stalker or Ancient Fuelweaver, is a Boss Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign.

The "caves" type is spawned by using a Shadow Atrium on a fully completed Odd Skeleton in the Caves. When spawned, the player will be dealt with a -40 Sanity penalty. It can be attracted by the Shadow Thurible. When killed, it drops a Shadow Atrium, 8 Fossils, and 2-4 Nightmare Fuel.

The "forest" type is spawned by using a Shadow Atrium on a fully completed Odd Skeleton on the Surface during Night. When spawned it does not attack, but has a -40 Sanity penalty. It can be attracted by the Shadow Thurible. When killed, it drops a Shadow Atrium, 8 Fossils, and 2-4 Nightmare Fuel. It will die at the beginning of the Day.

Wilson Portrait
Why'd it have to be so big?

Wilson, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Willow Portrait
It's just bones and shadow.

Willow, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Wolfgang Portrait
Scary man!

Wolfgang, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Wendy Portrait
Do you mourn, too?

Wendy, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Wickerbottom Portrait
We could have learned much from each other.

Wickerbottom, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Woodie Portrait
That fuel stuff's gone to its head.

Woodie, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Waxwell Portrait
The Atrium's power restored his mind.

Maxwell, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Wigfrid Portrait
Tis nö mindless beast!

Wigfrid, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Webber Portrait
We'll defend ourselves if we have to.

Webber, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Wormwood Portrait
Aggh! Big Bone Roarer!

Wormwood, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Winona Portrait
You got a bone to pick with me, bub? Ha!

Winona, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Wortox Portrait
Shall we dance, dearest demon?

Wortox, when examining the Ancient Fuelweaver.

The "Ancient Fuelweaver" type is spawned using a Shadow Atrium on a fully completed Odd Skeleton in the Atrium near when the Ancient Key is in the Ancient Gateway. Its quotes imply that it was a being from the Ancient Civilization. When killed, the boss will drop 8 Fossils, 2-4 Nightmare Fuel, the Shadow Thurible, the Bone Helm, the Bone Armor and a Rose. Following its defeat, the Ancient Gateway will start to destabilize, consuming the Ancient Key and killing all nearby Shadow Creatures. After 4 minutes, the gate will respawn Damaged Clockworks, Splumonkey Pods, Slurpers, Depths Worms, Ancient Statues, Broken Clockworks and Ancient Pseudoscience Stations in their respective places in the Ruins, add new items to Ornate Chests and Cave Holes and replace the Large Ornate Chest with an Ancient Guardian. The gate will have a recharge time of 20 days before being able to insert another Ancient Key. If the player leaves the fight, then it will decay, leaving behind 8 Fossils, 2-4 Nightmare Fuel, and a Shadow Atrium.

Brain Behavior Edit

"Caves" Edit

The Reanimated Skeleton attacks by ripping off its head and swiping at an enemy; this does not have any AoE, but will hit anything in the direction it is attacking. After its health has been decreased significantly, it will slam the ground trapping multiple players and others creatures in a fence of sharp bones. The bones will turn to dust after a few seconds.

"Forest" Edit

Walks around aimlessly but leaves a trail of Lesser Glow Berries, Light Flowers, and Ferns. The plants will disappear after a few seconds. When idle, its arm will fall off and it will heal itself with its other arm. After dropping its arm twice it will grab its head and shake it furiously due to the long distance it has from the Ruins.

Ancient Fuelweaver Edit

The Ancient Fuelweaver will immediately start chasing and attacking the player, it will confine the player in a bone cage if the player is too far away. In different stages, it will spawn multiple Woven Shadows that it will eat to regain health.

The Ancient Fuelweaver has two stages:

Stage 1 (Health 16000-10000)

The Ancient Fuelweaver can snare its target like the Caves Reanimated Skeleton does.

The Ancient Fuelweaver can spawn Fossil Spikes to attack enemies.

Stage 2 (Health 10000-0)

The Ancient Fuelweaver has all skills from Stage 1, and the following skills:

Dozens of Woven Shadows will be spawned from the Ancient Floor with only 1 health. Woven Shadows will walk to the Ancient Fuelweaver. A Woven Shadow will heal the Ancient Fuelweaver for 400 health when the Ancient Fuelweaver eats it. Woven Shadows are immune to Fire and are also immune to being Frozen. Woven Shadows can be destroyed quickly by things like: Abigail, the Weather Pain, or earthquakes.

A Shadow Shield will be spawned by 6 Unseen Hands around the Ancient Gateway to protect the Ancient Fuelweaver, which blocks 100% of incoming damage. The Shadow Shield will be broken when all Unseen Hands are destroyed. The Unseen Hands have 1 health, and are only attackable by Insane players.

The Ancient Fuelweaver can Mind Control insane players for 3.5 seconds. This can be avoided by restoring Sanity quickly once the Shadow Creatures appear.

If a player telepoofs out of the Atrium's arena or gets killed, the Fuelweaver will pull the key out of the Ancient Gateway and disassemble into the normal skeleton drops, while saying "Please".

Gramophone Quotes Edit

Upon Revival

  • ...(gurgle)...
  • ...(crunch)...
  • ...(crack)...
  • ...(thump)...

Battle With Mobs

  • Huurgh...
  • ...(growl)...
  • ...gruuuugh...
  • Hrrgh...
  • ...grraaugh...
  • ...(rumble)...
  • ...gruh...

Battle With Players

  • Huurgh...
  • ...gruuuugh...
  • ...grraaugh...
  • ...(gurgle)...
  • ...(crunch)...
  • ...Y-yy...
  • ...W-wwh...

Upon Death

  • ...Huurgh...
  • ...Aaaargh...

  • Is silent


  • A pity.
  • You will not suffer.
  • It must be this way.
  • My world... threadbare.
  • My city... in tatters...
  • This will be quick.
  • How we've fallen.

Player Battlecry

  • You will fall as we did.
  • This is for the best.
  • You will be unraveled.
  • They are coming. It cannot be stopped.
  • This world's fabric is frayed and torn.
  • They are unfathomable.
  • I will save you.

Summoning Woven Shadows

  • Be woven.
  • How long have I slumbered?
  • Let the fuel take shape.
  • I will not be defeated so easily.
  • I will make you understand.
  • Let us end it.
  • You will rip apart at the seams.

Mind Control

  • I will stop this.
  • You cannot win.
  • Lend me your power, one last time.
  • You cannot hurt me.
  • Protect me.
  • You have been betrayed.
  • I must do this, for your sake.

Turning off the Ancient Gateway

  • I will save us.
  • Curse Their name!
  • It cannot end like this.
  • I was wrong.
  • Return them to me!
  • Why?
  • Metheus...

Decaycry (from leaving the battle or spawning the skeleton via console)

  • Please...


  • Fools!
  • Who are you?
  • Release me, shade!
  • You are not Them...
  • Are you so easily deceived? Ha...
  • You deserve this.
  • You've made your choice.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • To avoid being immobilized by the fossil cage attack, stand near an edge so that only part of the cage forms, allowing the player to walk out.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

Don't Starve Together - Ancient Fuelweaver's boss theme(Default)

Don't Starve Together - Ancient Fuelweaver's boss theme(Default)

The boss theme for the default Ancient Fuelweaver.

Don't Starve Together - Ancient Fuelweaver's boss theme(Version 2)

Don't Starve Together - Ancient Fuelweaver's boss theme(Version 2)

The boss theme when Woven Shadows are present.

"Caves" Edit

  • The Reanimated Skeleton is the first boss that actually "talks" in red text, like Lucy the Axe, but it just makes sounds.
  • It can also scare Pigs and Bunnymen.

"Forest" Edit

  • The distance the Reanimated Skeleton has from the Ruins makes it the most unintelligent and passive out of the three reanimated skeletons.
    • According to Rhymes with Play #128, it has the weakest mind of the three.
  • There seems to be moss growing on the skeleton, yet no moss is seen on its original odd skeleton.
  • The Ferns, Light Bulbs, and Lesser Glow Berries that pop out of the ground stay around for 3 seconds, before shriveling up and returning down into the ground.

Ancient Fuelweaver Edit

  • The quote 'Metheus' is used to find the Metheus Puzzles.
  • The Ancient Fuelweaver has two boss themes, the original and one when Woven Shadows are being summoned.
  • The Ancient Fuelweaver is confirmed to be male, both from a Rhymes With Play livestream and the description for A New Reign.[1]
  • When spawned, the Ancient Fuelweaver will constantly remark on how his society came to an end, and how it is better to 'just let it happen', that the player will 'not suffer'. He also remarks that 'they are coming': his various quotes imply that "They" are the Shadow Creatures, which were called "Them" also by Maxwell. He is implied to be the Reanimated Skeleton of a former Ancient.

Blueprint Gallery Edit


  1. A New Reign udpate on the forums: "New Ruins Content: Who is the Ancient Fuelweaver, and what does Charlie have in store for him?"
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