A thriving example of tropical flora!


The Rainforest is a Biome introduced in the Hamlet DLC. It is characterized by its green, leaflike turf and its abundant Rainforest Trees, Tall Grass and Saplings. The food found here consists of Radish and Asparagus, planted in the ground. This biome can be found on most islands. When the player begins the game, they spawn in a Rainforest biome next to a Crashed Balloon and a Machete.

In this biome, the most common mobs are Glowflies and Dung Beetles, though sometimes a Peagawk can be encountered. Additionally, three kinds of birds (Blue Parrots, Kingfishers and Toucans) will spawn and land on this biome.

Its soil can be dug up with a Pitchfork to get Rainforest Turf.

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