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The radio as seen in "Forbidden Knowledge"

What foul product of science is this?


The Voxola PR-76 Radio is a recurring item in the Don't Starve universe.

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin[edit | edit source]

Kevin Forbes, a Don't Starve developer, posted in the forums "on the fly" the following lore regarding the radio's inception:

"The radio is a Voxola PR-76, manufactured in 1919 by the Voxola Radio company of Sidney, Ohio. The radio offered revolutionary sound and reception quality for the time, and was promoted by an intense national marketing campaign. Very few units were actually produced, because the factory was destroyed in a fire only days after production began. Voxola founder Robert Wagstaff went missing the night of the fire, and the company declared bankruptcy soon thereafter." [1]

In Next of Kin, it is revealed that the destruction of the factory was not due to a normal fire, but was initiated by the use of a portal similar to Maxwell's Door.

One of the remaining radios fell into the possession of Wilson. In Forbidden Knowledge, this radio was used by Maxwell both as a means of verbal communication and as a way to channel the "forbidden knowledge" into Wilson's brain.

In the animated short Constant Companion, Walter encounters a PR-76 radio in Woodie's abandoned cabin. The Compendium says, "it is a trap that had lain dormant for years".

In the Constant, a PR-76 makes up the primary component of the Divining Rod. In this form, it broadcasts a sound that increases in intensity the closer the player approaches a Thing, Wooden Thing, or Maxwell's Door. The Divining Rod is required to activate the Wooden Thing in order to move from world to world in Adventure Mode, and it ultimately acts as the key to Maxwell's release from the Nightmare Throne.

Placeholder.pngTrivia[edit | edit source]

  • In real life, there was a radio company called Voxola Manufacturing Company located in New York City.[2]
  • The product name of the Voxola, PR-76, has a similar naming convention to that of WX-78.
  • Winona was first implied to have worked at the Voxola factory through her unimplemented examination lines for Don't Starve exclusive objects. She recognizes the Voxola on the Divining Rod[3], and says that the Divining Rod Base reminds her of "the bossman's workshop."[4] Winona's experience with the destruction of the factory was revealed through the animated short Next of Kin.
    • In Winona's original speech file, the examination quote for the unlocked Divining Rod Holder was "Is... this how the bossman disappeared?"[5] which may be a reference to the disappearance of Robert Wagstaff. This quote was later changed to "At least I assembled this right."
  • In the Reap What You Sow Trailer, Wes uses Radio PR-76 to attend Farm Plant.

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References[edit | edit source]

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