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Scientifically speaking, it shouldn't exist.


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I'm gonna set it on fire!


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Stay still so Wolfgang can fight you!


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You'll die just like everything else.


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Not like any Pythonidae I've ever seen.


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You're a little agitated.


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Have at thee!


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Pardon me, Monsieur.


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'Tis a land Leviathan!


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Big Wiggler


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Time to use those dodging skills, Wheeler.


The Pugalisk is a Boss Monster exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found at the Fountain of Youth, on the second-smallest island.

Upon interacting with the Fountain of Youth, the player will receive a Magic Water, and the Pugalisk will spawn.

The Pugalisk is immune to any damage until its scales are broken off. Parts unprotected by scales will cause the Pugalisk to take damage if hit. It heals itself by 1 HealthMeter per second.

Once the Pugalisk has taken enough damage, it will start attacking by a ranged attack, freezing the player in place for 3-5 seconds.

if the Pugalisk continues its Range Freezing attack non-stop this means it has entered Defense mode and will try to stop the player from getting close.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Drinking Coffee, Tea, using a Stalking Stick or a Walking Cane are ways to have an advantage over the Pugalisk, as its Freezing Attack has a Range.
  • Pugalisk will stop the Freezing Range Attack if the players moves too far.
  • It is not advised to tank the Pugalisk as his head does 150 Damage.
  • Standing next to the fountain will cause Pugalisk to start circling it. This allows the player to keep Pugalisk at bay if done correctly untill it starts using its ranged attack.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • The Pugalisk is a portmanteau of a pug and a basilisk.
  • The Pugalisk deals 50 more damage to mobs than to the player. For example its head deals 150 damage to the player and 200 damage to Mobs.
  • Sometimes the Pugalisk will taunt the player after killing them, by sticking its tongue out and hissing.

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