A dainty parasol that will provide some moderate protection.


The Pretty Parasol is a craftable equipable item in the Survival Tab from the Reign of Giants DLC. It requires 4 Twigs, 3 Cut Grass, and 6 Petals to craft and is available from the beginning of the game. It can also be used as a Fuel, providing the same burn time as a Log.

The Pretty Parasol, when equipped, provides some protection from Wetness from Rain, and 120 points of protection from Overheating during Summer. It is easier to craft than an Umbrella, but it provides less rain protection. It does however, restore a very small amount of Sanity.

Like the Garland, the Pretty Parasol does not have durability but instead spoils over time.

Placeholder Trivia

  • The Pretty Parasol is the only handheld item to restore sanity in Reign of Giants. However, Shipwrecked DLC adds two more: Tropical Parasol and Rawling.
  • In Shipwrecked DLC the Pretty Parasol is replaced by the Tropical Parasol.

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