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Wigfrid Portrait
A förmidable weapön against bad meals.

Wigfrid, examining an empty portable seasoning station.

The Portable Seasoning Station is a craftable Item exclusive to Warly in Don't Starve Together. It is found in the Cooking Filter, and requires two Gold Nuggets, three Cut Stones and six Twigs to craft. Just as other survivors cannot use the Portable Crock Pot, they cannot use this structure either.

Once the Portable Seasoning Station has been deployed, it allows the combination of Crock Pot Dishes with Seasonings. It will not season the Milkmade Hat, Wet Goop, or Amberosia, but it will season Beefalo Treats, Steamed Twigs, Monster Lasagna, and every other Crock Pot dish. The seasoning process takes about 3 seconds.

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