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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.pngShipwrecked and Don't Starve Together icon.pngDon't Starve Together.

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What new culinary adventures shall we undertake, old friend?


The Portable Crock Pot is a character-specific Item that Warly begins the game with. It acts as a Crock Pot that can be moved and replaced. It must be placed on the ground to cook anything.

While cooking, the Portable Crock Pot gives just enough light to ward off Charlie, but the sanity drain is equivalent of staying in total darkness, therefore, this is not recommended. It can also make exclusive recipes.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[]

In Don't Starve Together (DST), the Portable Crock Pot can be crafted and used only by Warly. It is found in the Food Tab, and requires two Gold Nuggets, six Charcoal and six Twigs to craft. Along with Fresh Fruit Crepes and Monster Tartare, there are additional recipes exclusive to DST that can only be made with the Portable Crock Pot. Addtionally, the Portable Crock Pot cooks 25% faster.

Portable Crock Pot.png Portable Crock Pot exclusive recipes[]

Below is a table of the exclusive recipes:

Food Name DLC Health Hunger Sanity Perish time (days) Cook time (sec) Priority Recipe Special Effects
Requirements* Filler
Asparagazpacho.png Asparagazpacho Don't Starve Together icon.png +3 +25 +10 15 10 30 Asparaguses.png×2 Ice.png×2 Decreases perceived temperature by 40 degrees for 5 minutes.
Bone Bouillon.png Bone Bouillon Don't Starve Together icon.png +32 +150 +5 10 40 30 Bone Shards.png×2 Onions.png×1 No Twigs.pngIce.png N/A
Fish Cordon Bleu.png Fish Cordon Bleu Don't Starve Together icon.png +20 +37.5 -10 8 40 30 Frog Leg.png×2 Fishes.png×1.0 No Twigs.png Provides wetness immunity for 5 minutes.
Fresh Fruit Crepes.png Fresh Fruit Crepes Don't Starve Together icon.png

Shipwrecked icon.png

+60 +150 +15 10 40 30 Fruit.png×1.5Butter.png×1 Honey.png×1 N/A
Glow Berry Mousse.png Glow Berry Mousse Don't Starve Together icon.png +3 +37.5 +10 8 20 30 Glow Berry.png×1 / Lesser Glow Berry.png×2
No Meats.pngTwigs.png Makes the player glow for 2 days.
Grim Galette.png Grim Galette Don't Starve Together icon.png +1 +25 +5 10 40 30 Nightmare Fuel.png×2 Potatoes.png×1 Onions.png×1 Swaps Sanity Meter.png and Health Meter.png values
Hot Dragon Chili Salad.png Hot Dragon Chili Salad Don't Starve Together icon.png -3 +25 +10 15 15 30 Dragon Fruits.png×1 Peppers.png×1 No Meats.pngTwigs.pngEggs.png Increases perceived temperature by 40 degrees for 5 minutes.
Monster Tartare.png Monster Tartare Shipwrecked icon.png +3 +37.5 +10 10 40 30

Monster Foods.png×2Eggs.png×1 Vegetables.png×0.5

No Twigs.png N/A
Don't Starve Together icon.png -20 +62.5 -20 10 Monster Foods.png×2.0
Moqueca.png Moqueca Don't Starve Together icon.png +60 +112.5 +33 8 40 30 Onions.png×1 Toma Roots.png×1 Fishes.png×0.25 No Twigs.png N/A
Mussel Bouillabaise.png Mussel Bouillabaise Shipwrecked icon.png +20 +37.5 +15 10 40 30 Mussel.png×2 Vegetables.png×2.0 N/A
Puffed Potato Soufflé.png Puffed Potato Soufflé Don't Starve Together icon.png +20 +37.5 +15 10 40 30 Potatoes.png×2 Eggs.png×1 No Meats.pngTwigs.png N/A
Sweet Potato Souffle.png Sweet Potato Souffle Shipwrecked icon.png +20 +37.5 +15 10 40 30 Sweet Potato.png×2 Eggs.png×2.0 N/A
Volt Goat Chaud-Froid.png Volt Goat Chaud-Froid Don't Starve Together icon.png +3 +37.5 +10 10 40 30 Volt Goat Horn.png×1 Sweetener.png×2 No Meats.png Applies electrical damage to player attacks for 5 minutes.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Portable Crockpot was exclusive to the Shipwrecked DLC, until it was introduced to Don't Starve Together in the Warly Character Update.

Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • In Shipwrecked, if the player places a Portable Crock Pot inside a Cargo Boat or Chester, exits the game and then relogs, a second Portable Crock Pot will appear in the player's inventory as the game considers the original one to be missing.
    • The same bug will occur when the player enters a Cave without the Portable Crock Pot in the inventory. Relogging is not necessary for this to occur.

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