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Wilson Portrait
Science says it's always hungry.


Willow Portrait
Hey! A doggy!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is cute little food stealer.


Wendy Portrait
Even you cannot escape death.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Otocyon Canis. And a hungry one at that!


Woodie Portrait
Oh, hey there little guy.


Waxwell Portrait
What do you want?


Wigfrid Portrait
Thy cuteness shalt nöt överpöwer me!


Webber Portrait
Hey little guy! Wanna be our friend?


Walani Portrait
Hey little dude, wanna hang?


Warly Portrait
Great for feeding my kitchen scraps!


Woodlegs Portrait
A scurvy dog.


Wilba Portrait


Pogs are neutral Mobs exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. These curious and hungry critters tend to spawn in small herds in tall grasslands. They will follow and engage with the player if they have something edible in their inventory [Verification Needed], begging for food, rolling over, and chasing their tail.

They will eat any Food Items left on the ground. They will not, however dig up most items growing in a garden or naturally in the world like Exotic Flowers or Asparagus, with one exception: they will eat unharvested Mandrakes, which will make the Pog fall asleep. This is the only status effect they are vulnerable to from food, as they are immune to Poison from food such as Tuber.

They will also attack small creatures in the world like Butterflies, Glowflies, or Piko, and eat their edible loot, leaving anything non-edible behind for the player to collect.

The player may feed them to make them a companion for a short amount of time. This can be helpful as they will fight aggressive mobs, distracting them and even defeating smaller mobs such as Rabid Beetles, Weevoles, and Poison Dartfrogs.

If brought back to a base, Pogs will open Chests and Ice Boxes, throwing aside items in search of food. They will eat any food they find. They cannot open Cork Barrels, however, and if the player cooks items in a Crock Pot, Pogs will be distracted from ransacking the base for a period of time, but the best way to stop this behavior is to lead them away from the base or kill them.

Companion Pogs will follow the player into buildings, and will beg at food displays in Pig Shops.

During the Aporkalypse, Pogs will turn aggressive towards the player.

They are considered innocent and the player will incur a Naughtiness penalty by slaying them. Upon death, they drop a Morsel.

Placeholder Trivia

  • According to Wickerbottom, the scientific name of the Pog is Otocyon Canis. This breaks the rules of the binomial nomenclature, as it is a combination of two genera. The Otocyon genus refers to the bat-eared fox, whereas Canis is the genus containing dogs, wolves, etc.
  • According to Rhymes with Play #213, the word "Pog" is not a portmanteau for anything.
  • Because of the name resemblance and the similar color scheme, it is possible that Pogs are a reference to the Porgs of the Star Wars universe.
  • During the Closed Beta phase of Hamlet, Pogs used to drop Meat.

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